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Not obligated, so far as I know. The money belongs to the named beneficiary, regardless of who else thinks they should get some of it. Now, if there were instructions in a will regarding the use of that money, then that might change things.

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Q: Is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy obligated to share benefits with family or not?
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What is a beneficiary of a will?

When writing a will, a beneficiary is simply a person who benefits under the will of a person, it could be a spouse, any family member or anybody else

Can family members or bank contest an ex girlfriends who was left as beneficiary to their loved ones life insurance?

No. The proceeds will be paid to the named beneficiary.

Can other immediate family members change the beneficiary of a life insurance plicy?

Immediate family members would not be able to change someone's life insurance beneficiary without power of attorney. The life insurance policy is a legally recognized document signed by the owner with a designated recipient.

Any statistics on how many life insurance claims are disputed by family members and does the beneficiary dictate payment?

Yes the beneficiary on file gets the payment

Can anyone be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy?

Yes. Anyone can get a policy on another family member.

Can a executor be beneficiary of a will and insurance policy of the decedent?

Yes, it is very common that a member of the family be named as executor.

How do insurance companies know of your death?

A family member or the agent needs to inform the insurance company if a beneficiary deceased; They will mail a claim package to the insured family, and a copy of the death certificate will be required.

Must spouse be beneficiary on life insurance in Texas?

No, but whoever you list they have to have an insurable interest such as another family member.

Can a non beneficiary family member collect an unclaimed life insurance 45 year after the persons death?


Can the debtor of a beneficiary have IRS seize the money paid to beneficiary from a family members life insurance?

Yes, the debts must be paid before the estate is divided up between beneficiaries.

How good is ghi insurance, and how much is it?

GHI insurance is a good if you are looking for a insurance company that offers family benefits as well as benefits for employees of businesses. The cost ranges from $20 or more.

What are the main benefits of having car recovery insurance?

There are many benefits of having car recovery insurance. The main benefits of having car recovery insurance include saving one's family money and insuring that one's car can always be repaired.

Does a life insurance company have to inform benefitcary of insurance policey?

No. You can usually change your beneficiary anytime you want and they do not receive any notice that they are named as beneficiary. If you want to make sure the beneficiary knows there is a policy when you die make sure you keep a copy of the policy with your other important files or include the details in a will. Most insurance companies don't know a client has died until their family calls to report the death

What are the benefits of investing in insurance for teachers?

Some benefits for investing in insurance for teachers are that if something happens to the teacher, their family will be provided for. Another benefit of having insurance is if one falls ill, their medical bills will not be as high.

What are the benefits of a game warden?

The benefits are all well. You can get plan over family of four. The benefits and health insurance rise as you stay in the force longer.

What are the benefits of a mortgage life insurance?

The benefit of a mortgage life insurance is that in the event of the death of the policy holder, your family will receive benefits to pay on the mortgage. You can learn more about this at the Wikipedia.

What are some features of Family Life insurance?

One of the benefits of Family Life insurance is that they offer a great deal of insurance for a small price. Also, no medical exam is necessary and they have a thirty day guarantee.

What are the benefits of superannuation policies from ING?

Family Members are able to join at any time after the purchase of the policy. Health insurance is affordable. Dental insurance is affordable. Collectively the benefits are endless.

What are the benefits of getting family life insurance?

"Family Life Insurance can grow and change with your family dynamics. When your children are young, the insurance can ensure they will be cared for financially if anything happens to you. As your children grow, so do your insurance needs and this type of plan is adaptable to manage those needs."

What does beneficiary of will mean?

Beneficiary is the person who will benefit from the will. Most of the time they are family that inherits.

What are some benefits of combined life insurance?

The benefits of combined life insurance are lower monthly payments, more life insurance coverage in case of injuries or possible death, and of course not passing the burden to your family in case of tragedy.

If my brother and father are dead and father owner of life insurance policy for brother and father named as beneficiary am I beneficiary before my brothers common law wife or my brothers adult son?

Questions that must be considered: (1) Who died first, your father, or your brother? If they both died simultaneously then your brothers's insurance policy wouuld go to your father's estate UNLESS a secondary beneficiary had been named. (2) Who are the named beneficiaries on your brother's insurance policy? It actually makes no difference what their marriage status was, it is the NAMING of a beneficiary that counts, NOT their family status. If no other beneficiary of the policy was named you may have to hope that your father's will included you.

Can an insurance company require a disability beneficiary to repay benefits if the person is approved for Social Security disability?

The physical Disability insurance contract provided by the insurance company will have all of the information needed to determine whether they will want their money back if a claimant is eligible for Social-Security (SS) benefits. If you have Disability insurance under a group policy (through work), there is a good chance that they will want a refund for benefits paid on any month that you were eligible and receive SS benefits. This will often be described very clearly in the contract. Group contracts will often offset your benefits, dollar-for-dollar (100%) with an benefits received from SS and family SS. In order to be sure, simply reference the contract you have. With individual Disability coverage you should know if any of your benefits will offset with SS benefits. Benefits are classified as "Base benefits", which do not offset or "Social Insurance benefits" which is an optional rider you can add to your coverage and will offset dollar-for-dollar with SS benefits. This information will be found in your original contract. In order to know for sure, you should reference the contract. *There are many different names for the Social insurance rider. Every company has their own variation, but the conditions are similar.

What benefits does Swinton Insurance offer?

Swinton Insurance of the UK offers insurance for the home, car, morotcycle, breakdowns, van, taxi, caravan, motorhome, business, life and family, and travel.

Is Mortgage Protection Life Insurance a good idea?

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance is a good idea if you want to protect your mortgage. It pays the outstanding balance of your mortgage if the mortgagor (insured person) dies. Mortgage protection life insurance coverage is usually in the form of decreasing term insurance, with the amount of coverage decreasing as the outstanding mortgage debt decreases. Usually, the proceeds of the mortgage protection life insurance are paid to the beneficiary, which is the mortgage company holding the mortgage loan. Some people choose instead to buy level term life insurance in the amount of the mortgage, and the benefits are paid to the insured's beneficiary (family member), who in turn can use the proceeds for any reason, including to pay the mortgage.