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Know one can say for sure but it is indeed possible. There have been reported incidents of disappearances of ships and strange occurrences in the Bermuda triangle where people have said to have seen UFOs. Scientist Albert Einstein once stated that the Bermuda triangle is where the Aliens do the time travel.

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Q: Is the Bermuda triangle related with aliens or UFOs?
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What are co-ordinates of Bermuda Triangle?

The "Bermuda Triangle" does not really exist, but is generally believed to be a triangle between Bermuda (duh!), Cape Hatteras, NC and the southern tip of Florida. Like UFOs, Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman and the Easter Bunny, the Bermuda Triangle exists only in fairy tales and superstition.

What are facts about ufos and aliens?

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That's the theory.

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no aliens do

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No there are no such things as aliens

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Is the Bermuda triangle safe to fly over?

Lots of people believe that if you flow over the Bermuda triangle, you'd be lost or dead. And some believe that the UFOs(unidentified flying objects) are going to appear and take you. However, I believe that this is just a superstitious belief and the Bermuda triangle is safe to fly over. It could've been the weather after all. Maybe they went to another mysterious country. Who knows?

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Yes.... People have seen UFOs.

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