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If he was abusive then I would suggest that you having been with him,you know best what to do in order to keep him from getting aggresive with you in a violent way.If he wants to flaunt her then compliment her and them as a couple then go about your way.You may also consider informing her that he is an abuser.You should consider yourself fortunate to have been able to get out of that relationship.His flaunting her in front of you could be a sign of a couple different things but since he was abusive I won't get into all of them but most likely he had been cheating on you.If you have any more questions feel free to contact me at

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Q: Is the best way to handle an abusive ex-partner flaunting his new girlfriend to be polite and show no reaction?
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What are two signs of an abusive relationship?

If you always fight, then it is an abusive relationship. If you do not want to be around your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it is an abusive relationship. If you can not talk or be around your family and friends then you are in an abusive relationship.

Can it be justifiable homicide if a man kills his abusive wife-girlfriend?

And what is your reason for asking this question?

Is an emotionally abusive man abusive to all women or just to his girlfriend or wife?

If a man is abusing his girlfriend and or wife, then he will more than likely be abusive to all women. It is a mind frame, women to him = abuse. This is not true in all cases but in most of them.

What do I do when my girlfriend gets abusive?

if your girlfriend is getting abusive. then just end the relationship; because once a person starts to be abusive towards their significant other than they are not going to stop. It may be because she likes the feeling of power that she gets from hitting you or that she comes from an angry backround. Either way it is best to just stay away from her until she stops being abusive.

How to tell if your best guy friends girlfriend is abusive?

Try to trick him or get wasted is what i do

If someone has had an abusive childhood and grows up making every effort to change but unwittingly hurts someone else does that cause a negative karmic reaction?

It could; abusive behavior is learned and if you grew up in an abusive environment it can be very deeply entrenched. If you unwittingly hurt someone else, try to make amends to hopefully avert a negative karmic reaction...

How do you get your girlfriend to realize her abuse on you?

If your girlfriend is abusing you, she may have a heard time recognizing it. However, you can both see a therapist so that you can explain to both that she is abusive and the therapist can help her.

How do you breakup with an abusive girlfriend if you are emotionally attached?

sometimes you just gotta learn to let go life will move may seem hard at first but its not the end...but if she is abusive you should definitly end the realationship.

What do you do if your girlfriend is abusive?

Physically abusive? Call the cops. It is no more acceptable for a woman to beat a man then it is the other way around. Or leave her. Dont put up with that. Verbally/Mentally abusive? Let her know how she makes you feel...ask her why she treats you like that. If she doesnt stop....again....leave her.

Can avoiding an abusive argument be giving the abuser approval for his abusive behavior?

I can speak from experience but no two relationships are the same. I agree this could spark problems for the abuser to handle but if it truly is a violent relationship then i would not advise aggravating the situation unless my bags were packed and the engine running. Most abusive relationships are built on intimidation and control by standing up for yourself by reading and flaunting articles about abuse could cause a bad situation to become worse or or a week relationship to fall apart.

Why did dappy and his girlfriend split up?

because he had six affairs, and the girlfriend claimed that dappy was abusive toward her. thats about it really,not sure if its absolute true,sorry for any misunderstandings/offensiveness.

You tried to kiss your girlfriend and she bite off part of your lip Is this abusive or an accident?

You would have to be there to decide on that. is she sadistic or does she get overly exited.

Why did rick get kicked out of degrassi?

He was abusive to his former Girlfriend Terri MacGregor and once hit her so hard she fell on a cinderblock and was in a coma

Is it normal if you were deeply in love with your abusive husband but now that you are separated and he has a new girlfriend you feel no jealousy and feel almost relieved?

It quite natural to feel the way you do and you are relieved and why would you feel jealous? She can have him! He was abusive and controlling and made life miserable for you. If he was abusive with you, then he'll be abusive to her eventually. You may feel strange right now, but all it is, is the feeling of freedom and getting your independence back again. Just keep moving!

What to do if your ex's new girlfriend is so abusive with you?

Tell your ex. if he doesnt care he needs help...but also if its bad then you should tell someone

How do i overcome abusive control issues towards your girlfriend?

you can try talking through it, does your gf kno you have these control issues? or you can try going to your gp.

Can I have a police officer help me move my girlfriend out of her abusive and violent mother's house?

The police could probably investigate the situation but can not force your girlfriend out if she doesn't want to leave,she might believe that there are reasons her mother is abusive. if you can find proof that the mother is abusive the police could press charges. if your girlfriend agrees to move out then the police can help her. you will also be able to help her by suggesting she see a counsellor or therapist depending if it has affected her emotionally. you also will need to be supportive towards her because she could think that if her own mother doesn't show love nobody will. you need to show that she can trust you.

How do you get your ex-abusive girlfriend to leave your house?

If it is your house and in your name, call the police and have her removed. Get a restraining order against her so she cannot return.

What is a sentence for abusive?

It is important to exit an abusive relationship carefully. Slavery is abusive.

Should I help my ex-girlfriend who is currently in a rebound relationship with an abusive partner?

Anyone who reaches out for help and is willing to receive that help whom is in an abusive relationship should get that help, and there are resources both online and in the community to access the right kind of assistance.

What questions can you ask your boyfriend when he is bored?

these are some questions you can ask your boyfriend when he is bored: you possessive and controle your girlfriend? you tell your girlfriend tell you who you can and cannot hang out with? you love your girlfriend? 4.does your girlfriend want to know where you are 24 hours a day? 5.does your girlfriend like your family and friends? 6.does your girlfriend tell you what clothes to wear to school or work? your friends think that we make a good cuple? your girlfriend physically abusive toward you?

Im abusive to my girlfriend i need help?

you certainly do. Turn yourself in to the nearest police station. Both of you needs couples counseling as well as separate counseling.

Is silence abusive?

The silent treatment is abusive.

Is abusive an adjective?

Correct, abusive is an adjective.

How do you use the word abusive in sentences?

you must get out of abusive relationships. Boyfriend must never be abusive !