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Q: Is the book Felicitys New Sister a biography?
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What is Jacqueline Wilson's new book 2012?

Worst thing about my sister! Jacquline wilson new book for 2012!

In twilight does Alice have a sister?

Yes, but she doesn't discover that she has a sister until the second book and movie, New Moon.

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When was Dictionary of New Zealand Biography created?

Dictionary of New Zealand Biography was created in 1990.

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I have transcripted my new book to the press they will put it in the newspaper on monday the 25th. My sister is and author and she just transcripted her new book to me and i cant wait to read it.

What are the names of jacqueline wilsons new books?

Her latest book is 'The worst thing about my sister', 'Sapphire Battersea' and 'Hetty Feather'.

What is the climax of the book Thirteen by Lauren Myracle?

The climax of the book Thirteen by Lauren Myracle is when Winnie's mother gets pregnant with a girl and Winnie has a new baby sister.

How does the book peace locomotion begin?

In the book Peace, Locomotion, it starts with Lonnie feeling at home with his foster family. Although he is happy with his new family, he misses his little sister.

Who wrote the book that Serpico was based on?

Serpico, The cop who defied the system was written by Peter Maas. It was the biography of New York City policeman Frank Serpico.

What New Testament books are biography?

The four Gospels could be considered biographies of the mortal Christ and the book of Acts could be considered biographies of some of the Apostles.

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Who owns copyright to Topper the book by Thorne Smith?

It appears to be in the public domain; the notification in the copy I checked lists only rightsholders for the new material (introduction and biography).

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spyro has a sister she is only in spyro a new biggining

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Biography - 1987 The New Mickey Mouse Club was released on: USA: 23 April 2008

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The new season of Sister Wives begins Sunday September 25th, 2011.

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A historian is interested to learn whether a new biography about a Roman emperor is likely to be biased. Which piece of information would be helpful to her?

A letter from the book's writer discussing how much he hates the Emporer.

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