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Is the bottom hole also known as the anal hole?

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It is referred to medically as the anus. That explains it completely and there is no need to add another word like 'hole' to it. If you want to add another word, most appropriate would be anal opening.

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What organ does the solid waste come out of?

I'm not positive, but I think it comes out from the rectus and then out the anal hole (Bottom)

What happens when you are born without a butthole?

If you are born without a butt hole, you have what is known as an imperforate anus, or an anal atresia. Surgery is the only treatment for anal atresia.

How does anal work?

you take your penis and shove it in a GIRLS anal hole>

How far is the vaginal hole from anal hole?

A couple inches

Where are proteins located?

Up Your anal Hole(:

Where was the Phenakistoscope used?

put it in your anal hole

What is the words to the song theres a hole in the log at the bottom of the sea?

theres a hole in the bottom of the sea theres a hole in the bottom of the sea theres a hole theres a hole theres a hole in the bottom of the sea

What is the difference between a anal and a butt hole?

the differece is a just like black hole and gutter hole.

What rhymes with goats speed race?

my anal hole

Where will i will find the spring from mission 7?

in my anal hole

What does Belgium use as their currency today?

anal hole

How wide anal hole can spread?

2 inchs

Does silkworms silk come out of there anal opening?

Yes, silkworms silk comes out of there anal opening-(there butt-hole)

What is a 5 hole in ice hockey?

The 5 hole is also known as "between the legs".

Where is the hole in golf located?

The hole is located on the putting green also known as the green.

What if you have three holes in your vagina?

One is your peeing hole One is you clitoris and where the penis goes Last is your bumhole or anal hole That is in order of going from your bellybutton round to your back The penis can also go in your bumhole and that is called anal If you go inside your clitoris the g spot is located.

Can you have a baby through anal sex-?

The only possiblity is if there is leakage from one hole to the next if you make sure it doesnt get near the vaginal hole then no you cannot have a baby through anal sex.

Is a black hole also known as a singularity?


What does anal feel like for women?

I find it hurts. the vagina hole feels much smoother and better sex in there then anal

What is an Anul hole?

I believe you mean "anal" hole, or anal sphincter. There are several crude names for it, but in simplest terms it is the hole at the end of your digestive system through which digested food exits the body. The most common (and most politically correct) alternate name is the "butt hole".

What are the recorder notes of ABC in recorder?

A is the first two holes on the top covered and the bottom hole covered. B is the first hole on the top and on the bottom. C is the second hole ( not the first hole ) and the bottom hole.

How many holes r there in a girl body for sex?

Anal and vaginal sex.Oral sex is also one if you consider the mouth a hole.

Where is heart situated in human body?

The heart is in your anus which is your anal hole

How do you calculate bottom hole pressure?

What's the formula to calculate bottom hole pressure

White spot in the bum hole area?

Anal Warts go is a doctor