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Is the brain soft?

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Yes the brain is soft.

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Is your brain soft?

Yes, the brain is soft. That is why we have the skull. It protects the brain.

Is human brain soft?

Yes the brain is soft and moist.

Why is your brain soft?

Your brain is soft because 10 percent of it is fat.

Why is brain tissue soft?

The reason that brain tissue is soft is because that is how God the creator chose to design it. Brain tissue is soft because it has the skull to protect it.

Is your brain soft and moist?


Why is imprant not to let a baby be hit at the soft spot?

It is important because the soft spot is a place where the brain is unprotected so my hitting the soft spot there can potentially be brain damage.

Is gray matter in brain soft?


Brain-teaser 12 equals soft the z?

12 Signs of the Zodiac.

What is the Soft part of infants cranium?

The fontanelle is soft and allows the cranium to expand while the brain grows.

What organs are classified as soft organs?

heart eyes brain

What if your brain weighs about pounds feels like soft butter and is the command center of your body?

The brain weighs about 3 pounds, feels like soft butter, and is the command center of your body.

Things with hard exterior but that are soft inside?

an egg; a brain; a bone

Why is the brain soft?

Most of your brain is mostly made of water.Over 50percent actually.M ore in the 75 percent of water area.

What does the skull protect?

The skull protects your brain, which is too soft and delicate not to be protected.

What is the biggest weak point of a snake?

It is the the brain location of its head because it is soft

Why do babies have a soft spot on their head?

Its because the brain has to form and the plate grows there later on.

Why do they take your brain out when your being mummified?

Mummification means they take out all the "soft" bits.

What type of technology would allow you to see the soft tissue of the brain?

An MRI scanner.

What uses powerful magnets to examine soft tissue and structure in the brain?

Mri scan

What does But soft what light through yonder window breaks mean?

it mean that apply your brain and improve your answer quicklyit mean that apply your brain and improve your answer quickly

Is your brain pink?

Yes it is Although the brain is often called "grey matter", it is really pink/beige to off white. To help with your imaging of what the brain is like, it is also soft, like gelatin or tofu.

What type of scans give the most high quality images of the soft tissues of the brain?


The most high-quality images of the soft tissues of the brain are provided by scans?


Spaces or soft spots in the cranium that allow for the enlargement of the skull as brain growth occurs?

fontanels (:

What happens if babys soft spot closes to soon?

It will not allow room for the brain to grow as it should.