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Is the brake switch on a '76 K5 Blazer hot feed or ground feed?

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Why Lexus LS400 brake lights don't work Is not the brake switch Any suggestions?

earth leak or fuse if you are certain the sender switch at top of brake pedal is ok.Put tester on circuit to establish feed or no feed

Can a brake light switch be half bad?

Yes, but it depends on what your problem is. The switch normally has different circuits for the lights, the cruise control, and a computer feed.

What are the colored wires on the 4 way electric brake connector on a 2004 Dodge Ram Truck a 2004 Dodge Ram Truck?

the tn/rd wire is a power feed the dg wire feeds the trailer brakes. the wt/tn wire is the brake switch input. the bk wire is ground

What can cause your brake lights not to work on your 93 s-10 blazer you have replaced the flasher brake light switch and the fuse is good how would you test the turn signal switch to know if it is goo?

1.0 There is a bundle of wires that feed the lights and turn signal in the back. Right where the different wires separate from the bundle check to see if there is a wire that goes to ground. Make sure it is grounded. or 2.) check to see if one of the filaments in the bulb is burned out. it is a dual filament bulb. yes you have to take off the plastic lens, probably using a star driver.

Where does the wire for the brake lights go after the brake switch on a 1996 Chevy caprice?

there are several conections on b/switch if your looking at the right ones one should be batt feed pos outher should go to steering column conector toindicator stalk

Wire a third brake light on a hot rod?

you have to pull the feed wire off the brake switch to supply power to the new third brake light. get a test light and test the wires on the brake switch....one is hot all the time the other one gets hot when you depress the pedal....that is the one you need. do not take it pull your power from the rear light it might have an intergrated turn signal wire. which would make your 3rd brake light blink.. ok.have fun! you have to pull the feed wire off the brake switch to supply power to the new third brake light. get a test light and test the wires on the brake switch....one is hot all the time the other one gets hot when you depress the pedal....that is the one you need. do not take it pull your power from the rear light it might have an intergrated turn signal wire. which would make your 3rd brake light blink.. ok.have fun!

Do pocket gophers feed above ground?

gophers do come up from the ground to feed!!

What would cause the cruise control to stop working the light on the dash ison?

Check your tail lights. If they are stuck on the switch might be bad. The brake switch will cancel the cruise. If a light has a ground fault the voltage will feed back and cancel the cruise. Those are a couple places to start looking. If that's not it, it's probably a little more severe.

What is a engine control switch feed wire on a Chevy S 10 ignition system?

what is the engine control switch feed wire on a distributer

1992 Ford Explorer Back brake lights do not work?

First, check your fuses. Then - The circuit is very simple and you should start at the brake light switch. This is mounted above the brake pedal and lights the brakes when the pedal is pushed. Disconnect the switch and check the voltage at the contacts. Ground one end of your meter leads and set the scale to 20 volts (or so) One leg should show battery voltage and one should show no voltage. If there is no voltage, the problem is on the power feed side of the switch and you should investigate the wiring between the connection and the fuse block. If there is voltage, change your meter to resistance and check resistance between ground and the non-power side. Infinite resistance means that the wiring is bad or all the lamps are burned out. Very low resistence (near zero) probably indicates a short in the brake wiring. Leaving the meter on resistence, check the contacts on the brake switch. With no pressure on the pedal, your meter should show open or infinite. When you press on the pedal the resistence should drop to near zero.

How does the wiring run for a back right turn signal on a Plymouth voyager 1992?

the turn signal switch sends current to the turn signal flasher. it then goes to the bulb. The turn signal switch will turn on the turn signal and when the brake is applied it cancels out the brake light as it is a duel element bulb. 1 element is for brake and turn and the other is for parking lights. you can not have a blinker and a constant feed to the same element of the bulb at the same time.

How do you fix power window 2003 Chevy pickup?

remove door panel check to see if you are getting power and ground to motor. If so, bad motor--if no power to motor, check to see if you have power to switch if so ,bad switch--if not bad power feed to switch close but if the switch not on, you never get power to the motor.

How does a tree feed?

Trees Feed by taking water from the ground and CO2 from the air.

How else does plants feed there self?

well they get the solid from the ground and they feed them self that is my answer

On a 1994 Chevy blazer will not start or ever turn over. new battery what next Would i get a new alternator or begin with the egnition and starter?

Make sure battery is fully charged Seized engine? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad ground cable? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Carefully jump across small trigger wire and starter feed Bad neutral safety switch? Bad ignition switch?

How do you install a third brake light on an older car?

First you buy a good-quality 3rd brake light kit appropriate for the mounting angle on your particular car -- see the links below for examples. If your car's left and right brake lights are separate from the left and right rear turn signals (different bulbs for the brake lights and turn signals), then you just follow the instructions with the kit. If your car has combination brake/turn lights (the same red light burns steadily for brake light or flashes for turn signal) then you must run a new wire from the brake light switch to the rear of the car to feed the new 3rd brake light -- cars with combination brake/turn lights route power from the brake light switch through the turn signal switch and then from there to the back of the car; if you try to get away without running the new wire, the 3rd brake light won't work properly and you'll backfeed other lighting circuits with random results.

Why would only the third high level brake light to work but not the taillight level brake lights on a 1996 Ford Contour?

The CHMSL (center high mounted stop light) is activated by a circuit independent of the outboard stop/turn lamps. Outboard stop lamps become left or right turn signals when interupted by the turn signal switch/flasher circuit. The CHMSL must remain independent to escape the interuption of the turn flasher. The circuit that powers the outboard stop/turn lamps and the CHSML share the same fuse on GM, Ford and others are probably the same. The 12v feed passes through the brake light switch before it splits to independent feeds: one straight to the CHMSL, the other to the turn switch/flasher which splits it into a separate feed for either the left or right lamps. My best guess is your OK at least to the brake switch. The problem lies beyond and my experience would lead my initial search for a faulty ground in the rear lamp harness. Good luck, it's a cold day for working on a car.

2004 Laguna and the brake lights are not working you have checked the fuse and bulbs and they are fine?

just do what i did on my 01 run fused feed from battery to brake switch (thick yellow wire) under passenger footwell behind heater then run lead from other side of switch (brown wire) to offside rear brake light second pin from bottom of cluster this will bypass car electircs and all brake lights should work. this worked for me after auto electrican could not fix fault and told me to take car to renault aye fecking right

What are the color codes for the original 7-blade trailer wiring harness on a 2002 Chevy Avalanche?

ckt # 47, DK BLU trailer brake controlled switched output. ckt#142 RED fused trailerbrake battery feed ckt #1620. LT BLU vehicle stop lamp switch to brake controller input ckt #1850 BLK brake controller ground ckt #2409, BRN brake controller illumination. In reference to the female plug: A is LT Blu B is Red C is DK BLU D is BRN E is left blank F is BLK 100% correct!

How can you power a second switch to operate another light separately from the original light power source?

well, it's not a requirement, but traditionally a single light on a single switch has hot, neutral and ground brought directly to the light fixture from the panel. this circuit is called the home run. the hot is then run to the switch and back to the light as switched hot, which is used to feed the light. in order to add a second switched light fixture on a separate switch, you could pick up hot, neutral and ground at the first light fixture and carry it in another circuit to the second light fixture (traditionally) OR to the second light switch directly, whichever is easier. if you carried the hot/neutral/ground to the second light fixture, you would then circuit hot and switched hot to/from the second switch. if you carried hot/neutral/ground directly to the second switch, you would have to switch the hot and carry switched hot/neutral/ground to the second light. the same is true if the first switch has the home run, only you would add a circuit from the first switch to the second light fixture (or switch) instead of from the first light fixture.

Why would the ignition switch run start feed fuse blow on a ford 03 f250?

short to ground ? use wiring digram and digital volt ohm meter to check circuit for problem

How can you figure out whick wire make the door unlock and lock?

assuming you know how to remove the switch on drivers door.unplug wiring harness from switch.next use a 12 volt test light (inexpensive from local parts store)clip test light to good ground then touch point of tester to pins on harness plug end until light lites ,this is your hot feed to switch(if you cant find a hot feed make sure you have a good ground. to do this probe a known hot point ex.fuse panel drivers side until tester lites)now that you have found the hot feed wire to switch make a jumper wire jump from hot to other pins on harness, note which wire unlocks and which locks.basicly doing the same function as the switch.

What is a main breaker switch?

It is the main switch in the electrical panel that removes power from the buses, that feed the individual circuit breakers.

Does a emu actually feed its young or do they get their own from the ground?

The emu does not feed its young, but it does teach them how to find their own food on the ground. Like chicken, emu chicks are quite advanced when they hatch.

What else to do 1978 caprice classic no brake lights tried fuse and switch?

check if theres power to brake switch feed check wireing digram for correct wires as if fitted with cruise control more than one connector orange /white shuold be brake wires orange shuold be power white should go to indicator stalk use test lamp tosee if when brake pedal is pressed power goes through switch and white wire is powered if so next to check is indicator stalk wireing power goes up white wire to stalk across two contacts back down green/yellow wires to brake lights hope this helps dave.cop 78 79 85 91 caprice owner

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