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Is the cable length printed on the cable?

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Yes, Cable length is always printed on the cable wire. As I have recently checked cables of cable length was printed with ISI certification mark & it's company logo. So anyone can easily recognize the medical cable.

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What is LV cable insulation resistance acceptance value?

The minimum acceptable insulation resistance value is calculated using the following formula: Rinsulation= (Vrated + 1 ) x (304.8 / L ) Where: Rinsulation is the minimum acceptable insulation resistance value, in mega-ohms; Vrated is the rated voltage of the cable (typically printed on the cable), in kilovolts; and L is the length of the cable, in meters (if the cable length is in feet, replace the number 304.8 with 1000).

What is the max length for RS422 cable?

Max length of RS422 cable is 1200 meters

You can select the cable length in the option box.?

You can select the cable length in the option box.

What is a cable length?

A cable length is a unit of measurement equal to one tenth of a nautical mile.

What is the string and cable length on a jennings ck3.1r?

Bear says bow string length is 86.125in & buss cable length 31in

Max length in printer cable?

The maximum length for a printer cable is 1 thousand million metres.

What is the length of cat 5 cable?

The maximum length of a cat 5 e cable with out a repeater is 100meters

Coaxial cable is 500 meter it has a velocity factor 0.6 how long of the cable length does it take energy to travel the full length of the cable?


What is the maximun Ethernet distance for a 802.11 b cable?

The maximum length of an ethernet cable is 50ft I think. This however, is the max length for a cable at Walmart.

How can you identify what type of Category Network cable is connected to you Network Interface Card?

the category type of the cable is usually printed on the cable itself.

What is the cable length on browning ambush bow?

I believe string length and cable length aren't 2 different things I can't seem to get a answer

How do you calculate power cable lay length?

The length of the cable is determined by the distance from the center of the distribution panel to the center of the load.

What is the nautical term for the length of cable attaching a ship to an anchor?

The length of cable attaching a ship to an anchor is called a scope.

What is the maximum length of a XGA cable?

It depends on the quality of the cable used.

Maximum cable length support of stp cable?

100 mtrs

What is the maximum cable length of fiber optic cable?

5 miles

What is the maximum length for coax cable?

Maximum length of a coaxial cable is the length from an amplifier over which gain at the highest carrier frequency is consumed , that is to say the cable length at end of which the signal level measured on the cable is equal to the input signal level of the same frequency in to the amplifier. This is derived from the principle of UNITY GAIN.

10 What is the maximum length of a serial cable?

The current maximum length for a serial cable is around 50 meters. Different cables have length limits with the maximum varying.

What is the maximum length of a serial cable?

As per the A+ Guide to Hardware: pg. 395 The maximum cable length for a serial cable according to RS-232 standards is 50 feet.

What is the cable size for a 1500 kVA generator with cable length of 50 meters?

35 KVA generator using for load 100 meter length which cable need to used

What of the cable types has the longest maximum length?

Scsi Cable (or more commonly know as the ribbon cable)

The maximum cable length for a parallel cable is what?

15 Feet (4.572 meters)

What is the Maximum firewire cable length?

For the original FireWire 400 the cable length is limited to 4.5 metres (14.8 ft) but 16 cables can be daisy chained together, with a repeater to boost the signal, giving a maximum cable length of 72 metres (240 feet). For FireWire 800 the cable can be up to 100 metres (330 feet) in length.

What is the maximum length for BNC cable?

The BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman) connectoris a very common type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable.There is no predetemined maximum length for the coax cable. The maximum length of cable is going to be governed by determining the input signal level, the minimum output signal level, and the signal loss based on the length of the cable between the input and minimum output.

What is the maximum length of an Ethernet cable on a 100BaseT Ethernet network?

longest i have seen in a store was 100ft but if you need longer get a roll of Ethernet cable and 3 ends for it then make your own length of cable.

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