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Yes, I have consulted many of these light manufacturing\ retail operations in the past. Research the competition in your home town, buy your products such as wicks and wax in bulk, and then manufacture your candles in the garage of your own home. Research marketing techniques and pricing for your product........ and that's all you need. Average unit yield in terms of profit is $10-12 dollars.

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Q: Is the candle making business in Nashville TN profitable?
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Which business can you start to get more profit?

Any business that has a profit motive, and fills a need where others do not. A business by itself it supposed to be profitable, and there are many ways of making it more profitable, but that takes an analysis of the business, customers, marketing, etc.

What did finnegan dislike about the candle-making business?

he had to mark on sack ends

What are the nature and concept of feasibility study?

helpfull in decission making to know the business opportunity. adoptive profitable business plan.

What is the importance of fixed costs versus variable costs in making a business profitable?

The importance of knowing which costs are fixed and which costs are very important in making a business profitable. In order to budget effectively, one needs to know costs that will always be the same (fixed) and the ones that sometimes change (variable).

What are profitable and non profitable organization?

A profitable organization refers to an organization that is run with the purpose of making profits. A non-profitable organization on the other does not making any profits and mostly depends on donors for their operations.

Where can one obtain a candle mold online?

You can obtain a candle mould online from the following sources: The Candle Making Shop, Candle Wic, eBay, Candles of India, Michaels, Candle Mould, Candle Making, Spirit Crafts.

Example of feasibility study for a business like soap making?

A feasibility study figures out if starting out a business would be profitable or viable. There is a complete feasibility study, done in Nigeria, on soap-making, that is available for view on YouTube.

What is the meaning of lucrative?

Yielding lucre; gainful; profitable; making increase of money or goods; as, a lucrative business or office., Greedy of gain.

What is candle making?

The creative process of melting wax into a shape of your choice, and adding a wick for the purpose of passion, gifting, business.

How do you spell profitable?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "profitable" (making a profit, successful financially).

How do you get candle wax?

You can buy wax to make candles from any online Candle Making Suppliers or if you have Candle Making Suppliers in your area. Go to Google and Search for Candle Making Equipment or Supplies, I'm sure relevant online providers will come up for you.

What are facts about candle making?

Candle making facts are people enjoy the process of personalizing the candle. You must be neat about it. And there is a certain way to place the wick for best burning.

Steps and methods of making candle?

The basics steps to making a candle are to place a wick in a mold and then fill the mold with wax. When the wax cools, the candle is done and can be removed.

Where can you get a candle making kit?

Candle making kits are sold online if you do not have a local Candle Supplier in your area. Please see my related links to one of my Candle Suppliers that I shop with for good high quality products.

Where can one find candle making wax?

CandleWic is a free-to-access public website that offer their visitors to buy their affordable products which is for candle making, including candle waxes.

Is it necessary to incorporate an online business that is not yet making a profit?

If you are interested in your business being a corporation, than you should incorporate before making a profit, not after. It is just one of the first steps to a successful business and will help you in both record-keeping and being prepared to file your taxes after you become profitable.

What are the importance of financial management in any business organization?

Financial management is the managing of income and expenditure and also about making decision that will enable the business to survive financially. The aim is to create ggggggggggggwealth and generate cash in order to make the business profitable.

Where could someone find candle making kits for teen girls?

Candle making kits should be available for purchase at most hobbies and arts and crafts stores. Walmart also has a big selection of hobby supplies that includes candle making.

Who are the market leaders in candle making?

In 2002, candle sales were $2.3 billion. Candle-Lite was the overall leader in this segment, although the company was second to Glade Candle Scents in the scented candle segment.

What should a good turnkey money making online store come equipped with?

A good Turnkey money making online store should come equipped with a feature that tests out traffic sources.

What supplies do I need in order for candle making?

Candle making is a great activity for family bonding. To make candles all you need is a candle press, and the wax. This well result in the ability to make as many candles as you want.

Is it profitable puff rice making business you want to buy a puff rice making machine and a packing machine and you want to do business by selling puff rice is it profitable?

Bear in mind that there is already a puffed rice product on the market, called Rice Krispies, which is made by Kellogg's, and has excellent distribution and is available pretty much everywhere. If you want to sell puffed rice, you would be competing with this established product. That could be difficult.

How can start your own candle making business?

Find a Candle making Supplier, who sells items to get you started. Purchase a Candle Making Kit from a online retailer. You will need Proper size wicks, containers, wax that you prefer to use, Fragrance oils, dye blocks, then Name your business, Sell your items on Etsy, make your own website and list your items. There is a lot of information that comes along with Candle Making you will need to search online for Certain things: What temp to melt your wax? When to add your dye block/color to color your candle? When to pour your finished batch into your container? What size wicks you need? Any wick doesn't work? Will you use regular candle oils or essential oils? You use less essential oil maybe a few drops, but you use 1oz of FO (fragrance oil) per lb of wax. Take note and keep these things recorded when making your candles, type of wax used, size of jars, and temps comes in to play.

Ingredients of making floorwax?

Melted candle. And kerosene

What does the word profitable mean?

Profitable means earning or making money. It means also producing good or helpful results or effects.