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I would be surprised even if the building is still there. I haven't been in that neighborhood in a long, long time. But the last time I went there, a lot of the residential buildings were gone only empty lots are left behind with rubble. It definitely is not a nice neighborhood. The son of the people that ran that candy store was in my grade. His first name was Mike.

AnswerThank you for answering. I have not been there for a long time, myself. I remember when all the neighbors sat on their front porches; children running around waiting on the Good Humour truck. I loved those sloppy Joe type meat Sandwiches the candy store would serve. They also served ice cream with gum balls on top!! It was a simple and fun time to be there. AnswerI was in the Lowell School area in early May of this year. The candy store building still stands! I don't think it is a store any longer. I attended Lowell from 1948 -52. What great times, what a great neighborhood! AnswerI graduated from Lowell in 1984 and have since taught "life Skills" for the children in 5th - 8th. If you would like pictures of the school please let me know and I do not see the candy store there so....
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Q: Is the candy store across the street from Lowell school still open?
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