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Check the rear brakes. Pull the drums/brake pads and check the brakes for cracking. Take it to a tire shop and ask them to pull the rear tires off the rims to check for heat damage. If the tire has turned grey where it touches the rim, it has been damaged and shouldn't be used any longer.

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2006-04-10 01:49:50
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Q: Is the car or brake system okay after driving a while with the emergency brakes on?
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Are service brake lines and control brake lines the same thing on an air brake system?

The service brake is the one which applies the brakes - the emergency brake system is the system which releases the spring brakes.

Why does the emergency brakes lights come on when driving and the brake is not engaged?

it may need some brake fluid

What damage can be done driving with the emergency brake?

It can wear out your rear brakes prematurely if you do it for a long distance because the emergency brake pedal/handle just applies constant pressure on the rear brakes as if you were putting your foot on the brake pedal. It also kills your gas mileage.

If my brakes don't work can I use my emergency brake instead?

No. The emergency brake uses the same brakes. It'll be equally ineffective.

Does it take more friction to stop a car using emergency brakes or regular brake?

In order to stop a car using ONLY the emergency brake, roughly 4 times the force would have to be applied to the emergency brake system that the normal brake system. This is because the emergency brake only activates one to two pads in the rear of the vehicle, where as the normal brake system activates ALL the pads on every wheel. Emergency brakes are NOT designed to stop a moving vehicle, they are designed to hold a stopped vehicle in place.

What does brake?

A brake system brakes.

Is parking brakes and emergency brakes are considered spring brakes?

Only on air brake vehicles.

What brakes are required in all vehicles?

emergency brake...

My brakes are not fully working and a red warning light and parking brake light is on why is it still on when the emergency brake is fully released?

Because the e brake is hooked into your braking system and that system has a problem.

Do you know what to do if your car brakes go out while you are driving?

If your brakes go out while driving, first shift the vehicle into neutral and then apply the emergency brake. If neither of these slows the vehicle, turn on your safety lights and get into the right lane.

Where are the emergency brakes in 1990 cadillac sedan deville?

Parking brake (also known as emergency brake) foot pedal expands the rear brake shoes against the brake drum holding or stopping the vehicle in an emergency situation not as effective as regular service brakes

What should you do if your brakes fail while driving downhill?

remain calm and continue driving in the same lane. Begin to apply the manual emergency brake with your hand, lightly at first to determine the strength. You dont want to lock up the brakes, so apply the emergency brakes in spurts and make your way to the side of the road.

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