Is the chronicles of Vladimir tod going to be made into a movie?

I meet the author and she said she wasn't sure if it will be a movie. She said it might but it could also be a TV. series. She is not 100% sure if it will be the movie or not. 1 of them will happen though.

Answer #2 I've also met the author back in February 2010 she told me she wasn't sure if her books would be a movie or TV show, a producer has to be interested in the project first.

Yes actually they are and I have seen the people who are going to star in the movie too. But I still don't know when it's going to come out!!!

I've read the series and done the research. The Slayer Chronicles, a book about Joss the slayer's life, will be released September 20, 2011. Heather Brewer will either make a television show or movie out of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod if she can find an interested producer to do it.