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Is the cold war a current foreign policy concern?


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The Cold War ended in 1990 and is no longer a current foreign policy concern, with the possible exception of North Korea, which is in some ways carrying on the war.

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what idea was the major justification for U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War era?

The US foreign policy during the Cold War was the Truman Doctrine, which was to prevent the expansion of communism to new nations. In other words, containment.

Containment, opposition to communism.

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Soviet foreign policy was essentially the cause of the Cold War. Their ambition to forcefully take countries and demolish the free market motivated the conflict.

Antiwar protests convinced U.S. leaders that voters did not support aggressive foreign policy.

the foreigan palicy goale changed the cold war by saving the farm animals and saving the army

Sean W. Burges has written: 'Brazilian foreign policy after the Cold War' -- subject(s): Foreign relations

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Foreign Policy was also National Defense. Foreign policy is dealing with potential problems of National Defense. Keeping nations friendly; keeping nations safe from outside influence (Communism), or keeping nations 100% neutral...etc.

JFK's Cold War foreign policy was called containment. The US did not attempt to overthrow existing communist governments but it did not want to allow any non-communist nations to be taken over by communism. The spread of communism was to be contained.

In foreign policy President Eisenhower kept the containment policy in the Cold War and ended the Korean War.

A great number of different things shaped US Foreign Policy between 1945 and 1990, but probably the most prominent and overarching was the Cold War antagonism between the US and the USSR.

It was affected because they needed food and the us helped them


The canary current is a cold current.

A nation's foreign policies has everything to do with politics. The agenda of foreign policies is greatly dependent upon the political views of a majority political party or simply a long standing policy that the majority of political leaders and the citizens have in a defacto manner have agreed upon. A perfect example of this was the foreign policy of the United States during the Cold War. The universal policy of which ever party was in power was to take all steps necessary to prevent the Soviet Union from expanding. How or to what degree this policy was implemented depended on the politics of the day.

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