Is the compassion a Narcissist appears to show for an animal likely to be genuine or is it part of their fakery designed to get them praise?

Hi Georgette: I think the compasion and love they show animals is genuine. I know my N loves his little kitten. He kisses and cuddles her way more than me! But then again, there's a bad side to his love also. (Hello - sound familiar?) If the cat claws him or tries to tell him in other ways that she doesn't want to be handled anymore or that he is playing too hard (retaliation), he reacts with astonishing anger and pain, throws a conniption fit and actually hurls the animal or worse yet, manhandles her until she squeals with pain or goes stiff with fear. I have tried telling him time after time that animals have only one way of communicating fear or pain, and that is to do anything they can to escape it, including biting, scratching, etc. It just hasn't gotten through. Kind of makes you think a little about the narcissist mind; since it too is devoid of true gentleness, empathy and human kindness, it can only retaliate angrily whether out of fear of being a captive of love or out of fear of loss of controlof its narcissistic supply. There is no desire to reason out behavior, just an immature reaction. I know that this is way out there as far as MY reasoning goes, but there ARE some useful comparisons here! Way out, huh? mbme!