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Is the constitutional protection of religious freedom as important today as it was in the past?

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No, today the socialists and atheists have used the constitution to effectively destroy religious freedom. Originally, congress wanted to prevent the United States from establishing a nationalized religion as had happened in several European nations. The King of England had established the Church of England as their national religion and while there were many who were not members of that religion, you often joined another religion at your peril. The purpose of the phrase in the constitution was to assure that congress did not establish a national religion but at the same time was to prevent restrictions that would prevent a citizen from practicing any religion that he/she felt was best for him/her. Today those laws have caused that cities remove Christmas scenes from city property. School music teachers are unable to have students sing Christmas Carols that have any kind of religious content. Prayer has been removed from schools and public meetings. What kind of message are we sending the children of the nation when we will not allow children to read The Bible at school, but they can certainly join a club that advocates morally offensive sexual activity? During the writing of the Constitution, the original framers often prayed for guidance. The constitution refers to freedoms granted by The Creator and even on our money we read

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What did the alien and sedition acts limit the constitutional protection of?

freedom of speech

How important is religious freedom?

As important as food and air.

Why is retaining the right to religious freedom important?

Retaining the right to religious freedom is important because in a democratic society people should be free to practice their religion. Also, people would rebel if religious freedom was curtailed.

What constitutional protection significantly aided the leaders of the Civil rights movement?

the freedom of assembly and petition

What was the most obvious effect of the Alien and Sedition Acts was limiting Constitutional protection?

Freedom of Speech

The most obvious effect of the alien and sedition acts was limiting constitutional protection of?

freedom of speech

What colony offered religious freedom and protection against abuse of power?


What was important to people on Rhode Island?

Religious freedom.

Why religious freedom is important?

It is important because without religious freedom people could be persecuted and/or prosecuted for not belonging to an "official" state sanctioned religion. Freedom of religion gives people the opportunity freely to worship -- or not worship at all.

Why was the Glorious Revolution important?

began a movement toward religious freedom

What was the most important reason the pilgrims had for making the journey?

religious freedom

What role did middle colonies play in religion?

It played an important role. It gave them a religious freedom. One of the middle colonies was made just for religious freedom.

Why is it important that the constitutional convention provided for amendments?

it was important because they they gave you allot of freedom. They had to ratify the constitution or they had to approve and vote on it.

What are the limitations of freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech is a very important constitutional right. However, no one is allowed to put others in danger by their words.

How important was religious freedom to the Puritans at Massachusetts Bay Colony?

very importan

Why was the great awakening so important to colonial America?

The Great Awakening was important,because it was when religious freedom was there

Was there religious freedom in Maryland?

Yes, there was religious freedom in Maryland.

How much religious freedom does Iceland have?

Complete religious freedom

It attracted settlers desiring religious freedom?

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom attracted settlers desiring religious freedom

Why is the Bill of Rights' protection of individual liberties important?

for people to have the freedom of speech

Did William Penn support religious freedom?

Yes, William Penn did support religious freedom, he wanted religious freedom in Pennsylvania. :)

How many documents did Thomas Jefferson write?

Declaration of Independence and Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom2 major important ones.-declaration of independence.-virginia statue for religious freedom.

Why is Anne Hutchinson important in Rhode Island history?

Anne Hutchinson was important because she fought for religious freedom

Who supports religious freedom?

many people support religious freedom.

What is an example of a sentence with the word religious freedom?

"In America, we have religious freedom."

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