Is the contempt the narcissist feels for his partner based on a real or imagined inferiority?

Narcissists can feel contempt for many people and not just their spouse. They have a high regard for themselves and feel they are more intelligent than the rest of the world and become extremely impatient if they feel the person they are talking too isn't "getting it." They may be great chameleons and get along with coworkers, but inwardly feel that person is a total fool. They know who is boss in their workplace and will follow orders, but if they have a chance they will "go for the gold" thinking they are far better at that particular job. Some people label these types as "over-achievers." Narcissists are extremely complex people. Some actually do love their spouse and children and do strive to be a good person in their community, but they also strive for an inhuman level as far as intelligence and control. According to most narcissists they feel they are far more superior than most people they are around. The truth of the matter is, that narcissists are extremely clever, but misuse this God given right. Narcissists are always into competition and that includes their spouse. It's more of a vicious mind game than having a real or imagined inferiority complex. Narcissists don't feel inferior at all! Bottom line, they need psychological help, but because narcissists ride on the great back of ego they will rarely ever seek counseling.