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The only persons' responsible for a loan are signers of the contract who accepted legal liability. If a signor dies, their estate may be liable for remaining debts. Whether or not this applies in your case would depend on whether there was a will and prevailing state law governing that will. For the best information, your questions would need to be directed to an attorney.

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Q: Is the cosigner of a loans spouse responsible for a college loan if he dies?
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How do you get a student loan without a cosigner? offers loans to sophomore or higher college students with out a cosigner.

College loans without a cosigner?

Not a problem. Try wells fargo.

Do student loans require a cosigner?

No, for the majority of student loans available in the United States you will not need a cosigner. However, for private loans, you will need a cosigner.

Is the spouse named on the loan or the estate of the deceased spouse responsible for the debt of joint owned loans?


Is future spouse responsible for my student loans?

No, it does not morph into a marital obligation.

Do average college freshmen need a cosigner when getting Chase student loans?

Most freshman will in fact need a cosigner for loans. The need of a cosigner is dependent on how much good credit history the student has available. So, if for example the student was in their late 20's and had successfully paid all debt prior they would not need a cosigner.

Am I eligible for alternative student loans?

Most private student loans applicants are required to have a cosigner, especially undergraduates or students who don'tt have a steady income or credit history. The cosigner is required to sign the loan document, but the student is the primary borrower. By signing, the cosigner agrees to be fully responsible for repaying the loan if the student does not fulfill his or her obligations.

Can a wife be held responsible for debt her husband incurs due to a failed business venture?

No, unless she were a co-owner of the business or a co-borrower of cosigner of loans that were business related. A creditor might try to hold a spouse responsible if the couple reside in a community property state. In such circumstances the non owner spouse might wish to consider using an "innocent spousal defense."

What do you need to qualify for student loans without cosigner?

Student loans are provided without consigner based on needs. For example if you are independent from your parents, you can qualify for student loans without cosigner.

Where can you apply for a student loan with no credit and no cosigner?

Try going to the financial aid office at the college. They can help you apply for loans and grants.

What happens to your cosigner if the borrower defaults on private loans?

The creditor wil try to get the debt from the cosigner as well.

Would your parents have to pay off your Wells Fargo student loan if they are a cosigner and you default?

If your parents are willing to be a cosigner, they may want to check into the new Wells Fargo Student Loans for Parents. With this, they would be fully responsible for repayment of the loan.

Can you be held responsible for your spouse's student loans?

No. You're protected by "injured spouse relief." If you've filed a joint return, you can get back your share of the offset refund by filing Form 8379 [Injured Spouse Allocation].

In Ohio is a surviving spouse responsible for the student loans cosigned by the deceased spouse?

yes. When you became married all asests and liabilities became shared. This one may have bit you.

Can you get a student loan with no job or a cosigner?

Definitely, you can easily avail student loans without any cosigner with the help of various types of student loans programs available online. You don't have to be employed in order to get student loans. If you don't have any job then it doesn't matter even then you can get this loan. If you search online you will find various types of private lenders like Sallie Mae, Chase, Wells Fargo etc who offers loans to students without any cosigner. So, you can contact any of them and can get private student loans no cosigner.

Can a person with bad credit get unsecured loans or will he need a cosigner?

Surprisingly, even a person with a bankruptcy can often get small unsecured loans with a couple years of good payment history. Other loans will need a cosigner or may be totally unavailable, though.

One spouse is in default on a student loan can the other spouse obtain student loans?

You should be able to as they are individual loans.

Can you be put in jail over not getting your cosigner off your student loans?

In the US, no you can not be put in jail. If you want to remove a cosigner from your student loans, then you need to consolidate them in your name alone. You can get help with the consolidation of your loans by clicking on the link at the bottom of this text box.

Can a cosigner for a loan be relinquished from repaying the loan?

Only one way, have the borrower consolidate the loans without you being a cosigner. Then the original loans are paid off, and a new loan is made in only the borrowers name.

Is the cosigner of a private student loan hindered from getting other loans?

The cosigner of a private student loan can and will be hindered if late payments occur. Another downside to said cosigner, that is if they are in school, just like most everything else they best have the money to cover these loans in some type of colateral.

Does a cosigner have to replay a federal student loan if the student dies?

Federal student loans do not currently have cosigners. Parents who take out federal PLUS loans for their kids often think they are a cosigner, when they are actually the sole borrower. All federal student loans are discharged if the student dies.

When you get married are you legally responsible for her school loans?

If the her is your wife you are responsible for school loans and any other loans as well.

Student loans be consolidated?

Effective July 1, 2006, married students are no longer able to consolidate their loans together. If married students consolidated their loans together, each spouse became responsible for the full amount of the loan, and the loans could not be separated if the couple got divorced.

Getting a Loan Without a Cosigner?

Going to college is an exciting and expensive time for students. It is a time when young adults are free of their parent's influence, but it also requires taking responsibility for financial needs. Paying for tuition and other college related expenses is not easy, but student loans offer the opportunity to gain an education and invest in the future.Loan OptionsCollege students have several options for loans that cover tuition. Although the primary options include federally backed loans and private loans, students will also need to find an appropriate lender for the funds. When a cosigner is not available or parents do not have good credit, students will need to seek a loan that does not require a cosigner.Beyond having options in the government and private sector, students will also find that loans can include fixed or adjustable interest rates. The fixed rate loans will usually have a higher percentage, but are less subject to change and will have fewer risks associated with the funds. The adjustable interest rates are more likely to change over time, but can provide more flexibility when taking out a new loan.Getting Funds Without a CosignerAny student loans without cosigner are different from the traditional loan. The lender is taking a larger risk because college students traditionally have a limited credit history and do not have enough information to determine their financial responsibility and credit worthiness. As a result, students will have a slightly higher than average interest rate and lenders will limit the amount of funds provided with the loan.The best lenders for a loan that does not require a cosigner are private lenders. The loans provided by a private bank will offer more flexibility and a cosigner might not be necessary. Each lender is different, so students will need to compare options before taking out any funds.Student loans do not require a cosigner in every situation. Although the lenders are taking a larger risk on young college students, loans are available that can help pay for tuition costs.

How can I get a student loan without a cosigner?

Although it is very difficult to get loan without cosigner. Majority of the students don't apply because they don't have any cosigner. But now a day many organization are helping such student who don't have any cosigner. You can apply for such loan that not required cosigner. These loans called no cosigner student loans. You can find a detailed procedure through link that is in "Related Links"

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