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Is the d16z6 a compatible engine with a 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback Dx?


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2009-11-27 23:41:15
2009-11-27 23:41:15

it will bolt it but you have to wire the VTEC

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No, there is no such thing as a EJ1 civic hatchback. EJ = Civic coupe. Therefore, EG= Civic hatchback.

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Their is no transmission dip stick for 93 honda civic hatchback

The 1983 civic, hatchback with 1.5 engine does not have one.

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other than options and sub-models, they will be almost identical

Its either a 1.5 or 1.6 depending on which model you have.

a 1980 civic hatchback , that thing still running,

A 5w30 or10w30 should suit the engine just fine.

I have a 92, but it is in the engine compartment near the battery and the firewall.

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What size gas tank does the 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback have?" i have a 1990 civic and i have never been able to put in more than 10 gal.

Any D, B, K series. If you have the cash, you can have it.

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a hood from a 1999 civic will only fit a 1999 or 2000 civic, and for the 1993, you should be able to use any hood from a 92-95 civic, of the same style (ex. coupe fits coupe, sedan to sedan, and hatchback to hatchback, though I believe hatchback and coupe use the same hood)

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