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Q: Is the deed of hypothecation same as a debenture over fixed and floating assets?
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What is the difference between fixed deposit and non convertible debenture?

fixed deposit has its fixed term, but debenture does not have any term. fixed deposit can be invested in eqty,debt or any other , but the debenture is debt only.

What is a mortgage debencher?

Those debentures which are secured by a fixed or floating charges on the assets of a company.

What is a floating charge?

A floating chargeis a kind of security to which all of the assets (or perhaps a particular type of assets) from the business, apart from individuals that are susceptible to a mortgage or fixed charge, are utilized as to safeguard the borrowed funds.

What is difference between fixed asset and current asset?

The difference between current assets and fixed assets as follows: Current assets are flexible in nature, easy to encashable and floating money to company. Fixed assets are fixed in nature in other words non-moving assets, not easy to encash, and are regularly depreciated. Classification: Current assets: Cash - at hand and at bank Inventories Sundry Debtors Advance and Deposits Fixed Assets: Land and Building Furniture and Fittings Tools and tackles Plant and Machinery Computer (including assessories and UPS)

Is gross block current assets or fixed assets?

fixed assets

What are maturity of fixed assets?

maturity of fixed assets means the completion of useful life of fixed assets.

Fixed assets to current asset ratio?

fixed assets / current assets

Are fixed assets a liability?

Fixed assets are not liabilities, they are assets that can not be quickly liquidated (turned into cash). If the company goes under, fixed assets would be difficult assets to get cash for.

What Does The Term Floating Charge Mean?

A floating charge is a type of security under which all the assets of the business, apart from the ones which are subject to a mortgage or fixed charge, are used as security for the business loan.

Explain - fixed assets?

fixed assets are long term assets which have long term period

Fixed deposit is current asset or fixed asset?

Fixed deposit is under fixed assets. Under fixed assets, there are 3 category that is tangible fixed assets (land, machinery, dll), intagible fixed assets (pattern, franchise, dll) and investment (fixed deposite,dll).

Should Fire Extinguishers be treated as Fixed Assets?

fixed assets