Is the delta love millennium crib and bed model 4860 on the recall?

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All drop side cribs are recalled. It is also illegal to sell them as of June 2011. You can call Delta at 1-800-377-3777 to get the kit to fix a drop side crib.

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How do you you convert a pali Fran crib to a toddler bed?

It sounds like for most of their cribs you remove the side that moves. You probably want to consult the original directions on how you put that side in it to figure out how to get it back out - as they say, you have to loose the front two gold bolts, too.. You don't have to put anything in instead, ( Full Answer )

How do you convert a ragazzi crib to a toddler bed?

I just did it 10 minutes ago. I couldn't find any instructions from the manufacturer literature or on the Ragazzi website, so I was guessing. First I unbolted the four arms that hold the metal bed support up and pushed it down as flat as I could. I had to do it a couple of times and go kind of slow, ( Full Answer )

Need Instructions for Delta love Crib Model 4750?

\ni just needed these myself and called Delta Children's Products & they emailed me the instructions. (They were really nice about it, too). Here is the contact info from their website:\n. \nCall Customer Service : \nMonday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. \n(800) 377-3777 extension 6221, or call \n(212) 645-90 ( Full Answer )

Is delta sienna 5 in1 convertible crib model 4844 4 on recall?

Not to my knowledge but it should be. The slats are spaced just far enough apart that my son gets hung in the crib all the time and I have to lubricate him and the crib to get him loose. Once I actually thought I'd have to call the Fire Department. I've also had the dropside on mine come detached wh ( Full Answer )

How do you convert your bassett crib model number 5542-0521 into a toddler bed?

Hello,. We too have the 5542-0521 model Bassett convertible baby crib and changing it to a double bed was a snap.. There is a special bed frame that must be purchased that can be attached to both a head board and foot board. They are available at most bed or furniture stores and should cost less t ( Full Answer )

How do you put together a bed frame for the simplicity Ellis crib?

Unfortunately, you have to purchase their additional sideboards - and this is how the mounting brackets attach to the headboard - from our research (and attempt), it will not attach to a standard bedframe. Also, mounting brackets are not included for the footboard, neither does it mention anything a ( Full Answer )

Is there a recall on model 5831?

\nYes. The serpentine belt tensioner can loosen, allowing the belt to fly off the alternator pulley and catch on the trigger, firing all six chambers. Send it in at once.

Is delta love crib Duchess model 4925-2N been recalled?

Yes it has! Go to recall=1&co=1&m=&p=80002 and put in your model # and it will ask you for an address and they will send you the repair kit. It took about 6 days or so for me to get mine.

What is the size of crib bed?

The standard size for a crib bed is 52x27x6. If you are making crib sheets, allow 1/2" bigger or smaller on either side.

Why are more than 2.1 million Stork Craft cribs being recalled in the biggest crib recall in US history?

Four babies have died and 31 others have been entrapped or fallen from one of the 2.1 million Stork Craft cribs recalled. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada are aware of 110 incidents in which the drop-side of a Stork Craft crib detached. Of those, 15 were entrapments ( Full Answer )

Delta Love Baby Crib has this been recalled?

To find the answer to your questions for your particular crib, go to You can then look at pictures of your crib and parts, get instructional videos, and find out if your crib is on a recall list. You can also get free parts sent to you if needed.

What should a parent to do when a crib is recalled?

If your child's crib has been recalled you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible (call the phone number they mention or visit the website listed on the recall notice). The sooner you get your name on the list, the sooner you'll receive the repair kit. . If getting in touch with the ( Full Answer )

Is the Alpine 4735 Delta Crib recalled?

Yes. Below are all the Delta crib models that have been recalled. You can go to the deltacribrecall website (see the link further down this page) to complete the form for a retrofit kit. Delta cribs manufactured in Taiwan or Indonesia, with the "Crib Trigger Lock with Safety Peg" drop side hardwa ( Full Answer )

What do you do with the crib that is being recalled the delta love model 4920-1?

If you go to Delta's website you can complete the form and will be sent a retrofit kit. If you no longer use the crib or prefer to replace the crib, it should be destroyed. If you watch the Toys-R-Us website, they will occasionally offer to take recalled cribs in exchange for 20% Off a purchase. Rec ( Full Answer )

Is there a recall on delta love crib 4929?

All Delta Cribs involved in the recall are listed below: Delta cribs manufactured in Taiwan or Indonesia, with the "Crib Trigger Lock with Safety Peg" drop side hardware design, numbers: 4320, 4340, 4500, 4520, 4530, 4532, 4540, 4542, 4550, 4551, 4580, 4600, 4620, 4624 (production dates 01/06 thr ( Full Answer )

Is Delta love millennium crib model 4822 on the recall list?

It is now recalled 2/1/2011. Go here: Enter 4822-2 as the model # Older post: dont believe so. www. delta does not have it listed on their recall list but i just sent an email to them as my cribs left side keeps ( Full Answer )

Did any Pali cribs get recalled?

According to a statement on Pali's website:§ion=customer_services&subsection=products_recall&page=products_recall They are NOT part of the recall.

Is Evenflo crib model 012614 recalled?

If your crib was manufactured between 2000 and 2004 it is under the recall. You can research the information with this recall at

Where can you find Bedding Sets for Mini Cribs?

Finding Bedding sets for mini cribs can be difficult to find and frustrating. I have yet to see many stores carry a variety of different styles. You can try: I found very nice ones there. Good Luck!

Were all drop side cribs recalled?

NO all drop side cribs were not recalled. The new law passed by government is that manufacturers can no longer produce a drop side crib. However, if a consumer has a drop side crib that is not under recall is still ok to use. Please refer to the website to determine if your crib is under re ( Full Answer )

What are the measurements of a crib bedding set?

The measurements of an infant bedding set for crib are varied depending on the size of the crib. The most usual standard size of cribs range from 27 to 28 inches in width and 51 to 53 inches in length. The bedding set is usually made to fit this standard measurement of crib. It really depends on the ( Full Answer )

Is the Delta love crib 4624-1 on the recall list?

Yes the 4624-1 Model has parts that were recalled. You can go to ask or bing and type in Delta Luv 4624-1 Recall and it will give you the sites you need to order replacement parts. As far as I have found only the trigger lock and the bottom rail track have been recalled.

Is there a recall on delta love crib 4520?

Yes there is. Depending on the year of the model you have as well as what country the crib was manufactured in. Go online and type in Delta Luv crib 4520 recall and it should tell you. I know one of the recalls is for the drop down side of the crib randomly dropping and possibly injuring the baby or ( Full Answer )

What crib bedding is unsafe for infants?

Crib bedding that is loose fitting poses a suffocation risk for infants. The safest crib bedding for an infant is well fitted sheets and a sleep sack worn for warmth if necessary.

Where can one buy mini crib bedding?

One can buy mini crib bedding at Ikea, The Bay, Walmart, and Target. If looking for particularly good deals you may try Amazon, Ebay, Kijji and Craigslist.

Which stores have affordable crib bedding sets?

Coordinated crib bedding sets are a popular gift item for moms-to-be, as well as a central part of any baby's layette. Affordable sets are easy to find at large retail discount stores such as Wal-Mart or online outlets. From time to time, sales at specialty shops can make even higher quality sets ( Full Answer )

How do you put together a baby crib bedding set?

A baby crib bedding set usually consists of a crib skirt, fitted sheet, a comforter and a crib wrap or bumper that protects the baby from the slats of the crib sides. The crib wrap or bumper has ties on the outside that are just long enough to be tied around the slats to hold the wrap upright.

Where can one purchase bedding for a baby crib?

You can purchase baby bedding at retailers such as Babies R Us and Target. They have complete sets available or you can just buy the crib sheets and bumpers separately.

Where can one find crib bedding for a baby?

There are many places one might go to find crib bedding for a baby. In addition to popular retailers such as Target, one might also find bedding on the Amazon website.

Where can one buy Cocalo Crib bedding?

You want the best for your children right? Well stop wasting your time trying to find the best place to buy Cocalo Crib bedding. It is easier to find than you think; all you have to do is go on Amazon and you instantly have a wide range of selections. All at your fingertips, so quit store hopping an ( Full Answer )