Is the dragon missile still being used as an antitank weapon?

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The dragon is being phased out in favor of the newer javlin missle but still remains the inventory of both the us army and marines . It is also used by the netherlands.
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What weapons are being used by the US forces?

Answer . m16 mark19 240-bravo charlie echo 50 caliber m204 howitszer (sp?) saw flash and fragmented grenades 12gauge tazer. Some of the current weapons used in the U.S. Arsenal include: . Rifles: . M-4 Carbine : Used by Army, Air Force, and Some Naval and Marine Units. It is a shortened versio ( Full Answer )

What weapons are being used in the Iraq war?

There are many weapons being used in the Iraq war, just to name a few small arms. The U.S is using the M16A2 A3 and A4, M4, HK416, Many other types of AR platforms like the Colt Commando ,SCAR-L, SCAR-H, the M60E4, M249, M240, MK46, MK48, MK19, M2, the AS50,M24, M40, M-14, M21, M25, M86, M107, M110 ( Full Answer )

Are steam engines still being used?

Steam engines presently produce more power than all other typesof engines combined. Most steam engines take the form of the steamturbine engine. The steam turbine is responsible for generatingabout 86% of the electric power used on this planet. Reciprocating steam engines are still in use for limit ( Full Answer )

What is the best man portable antitank weapon for example the RPG7?

The American AT-4. Has low back blast, making it usable in confined rooms. ...the new model I've seen some pictures which show the AT4 has a very large back blast (wikipedia's article on it has one) The RPG-7 has less back blast but it is a significantly more primitive weapon. Answer The b ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your being used by your girl and you still love her?

People only treat you the way you allow them to and if she is using you then you have to stand up for yourself and let her know how this makes you feel as well as let her know what will happen if she continues her behaviour. Don't allow people to use and walk all over you.

Was the 25 mm hotchkiss antitank gun used by the Koreans or the Japanese?

The 25mm Hotchkiss anti-tank gun was a French weapon during WWII, many of which were captured by the Germans and used by them. Germany sold and/or distributed the weapon to other countries, of which some no doubt, found their way into the Korean War.. During the 20th Century, it was common practice ( Full Answer )

Does the US still have nuclear weapons?

Yes, they do. So do the Russian Federation (formerly the U.S.S.R.) and a number of other countries, including France, the U.K., China, India, Pakistan, and Israel.

Is ddt still being used?

DDT is still being used in South Africa to get rid of the mosquitoes that carry malaria . Although no longer in the UK .

Is Cosmoline Grease derived from Whales you have often heard this Say the Red Army used it to lube weapons and missiles?

Cosmoline is defined elsewhere in Wiki land and is, short story, crude Vaseline. It is the gooey stuff left after all the various fuels, solvents, etc have been distilled out of petroleum. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is refined from cosmoline. All the armies of the world have long used cosmoline to p ( Full Answer )

In reiki still being used in 2008?

Yes, not only in 2008, but even today in 2009! As a second degree reiki practitioner, I use reiki to some capacity just about every day since learning and being attuned to reiki.

Is the US still building nuclear weapons?

no, but we are refurbishing old ones periodically: replacing aged and worn out components. Most of the current arsenal of nuclear weapons are now refurbished. Its much cheaper than building new. Edit: It should also be added that the majority of refurbishing is do to ensuring safe storage until ( Full Answer )

Did they use antitank missiles at the kokoda track?

Anti-Tank rockets (like bazookas) or recoilless rifles that fire anti-tank High-explosive rounds could have been used in the jungles against bunkers or fortifications. But not "Anti-tank missiles". The anti-tank (guided) missiles were developed after WW2.

Can a non-member on runescape use a dragon weapon?

Unfortunately no. You actually can, with the realease of PvP Worlds, non mebers have acess to "Corrupt" dragon weapons. Theese weapons are badly damaged and when weiled, you may only weild for i think 30 mins before they turn to dust. Try and type in "Corrupt ( name of weapon ) " on the Grand Exchan ( Full Answer )

What weapons are being used in Afghanistan by the Afghanistan people?

Some units of the Afghan National Army have received M16 and M4 rifles, but, generally, the AKM and Chinese Type 56 rifles are standard. Some AK-74s are in service, but not particularly commonplace. Soviet/Russian, Chinese, and Pakistani manufactured PK machine guns and RPG-7s are quite commonplace, ( Full Answer )

Is there a threat for a nuclear weapon being use?

No, there is not imminent threat of Iran building this past summer, a National Intelligence Estimate on Iran's nuclear capabilities was released showing that Iran was 10 years away from building a nuclear weapon. This estimate represents a consensus among the U.S. intelligence agencies. Nuclear war ( Full Answer )

Does the us still test nuclear weapons?

No, the us no longer tests nukes.once the Cold War threat ended so did nuke testing and plants that made plutonium stopped production and stopped sending nuclear materials to bomb factories

Is the M1 grand weapons currently being used?

The Korean War (1950-1953) was the last official war for the M1 Garand rifle in the US military.. It was replaced by the M14 Service Rifle, which went to Vietnam in 1965. Which in turn was replaced by the M16 Assault Rifle in about 1966/67.

What is the oldest weapon still being used by us military?

In ancient times, swords, spears and daggers were already used. So I would choose the knife. If you count rock throwing as an attack or defense mechanism, then the oldest weapon would be a stone. the oldest weapon still in use by the u.s military is the sword by the united states marine corps(that ( Full Answer )

Are there such things as a weapon mounts that would give a cannon multiple tasks ie antitank artillery and or antiaircraft?

There are multiple purpose artillery pieces. Perhaps the first was the famous (or notorious) German 88mm cannon of WWII. This weapon was developed as an anti-aircraft gun, and was used in this role throughout the war. The Germans discovered that it was a phenomenal anti-tank gun too, and used it for ( Full Answer )

Advantages of missile over normal weapons?

An ICBM is long range and its warheads are falling more or less ballistically, even if you "shot them down" they would continue on almost the same trajectory still hitting their target. You can't just shoot them down you must have the accuracy to totally destroy them (and they are under 1 foot in di ( Full Answer )

Is the British Penny still being used?

The Penny is the basic unit of the British currency. Since decimalisation, there are 100 pence to the Pound. The decimal Penny, Two Pence, Five Pence, Ten Pence, Twenty Pence and Fifty Pence coins are still in circulation, and will be for a long time yet. The predecimal Pennies and variants such a ( Full Answer )

Should US still make nuclear missiles?

Yes. The nuclear arsenal of the United States is made so that it must be refurbished every three months or the nuclear warheads will not work. This is done by design so that if a weapon ever comes up missing, after a short time it will become just a large semi-radioactive paperweight. Other than ( Full Answer )

What weapons are being used in the war?

There are several ongoing wars worldwide. You would need to be a bit more specific about which one you had in mind, and you may want to limit the scope of which weapons you have in mind, as 'weapons' covers everything from small arms to field artillery to armed ground vehicles to aircraft, etc.

How is antitank gun designed to be useful against tanks?

Typically, it'll use a shaped charge warhead, which channels the blast to create a small hole in the side of the vehicle. The force of this blast penetrates through the armour and into the vehicle, and that's what kills the crew members inside. There's also HESH - High Explosive Squash Head - which ( Full Answer )

Are Anti -ballistic Missile nuclear weapons?

No - ABM weapons are either high-energy weapons (particle beams or lasers), or high velocity intercept missiles that use radar tracking from several sources to lock on and intercept a ballistic missile in-flight, before it can separate its warheads.

Are chemical weapons still in use today?

Absolutely, police forces around the world use tear gas and mace daily to flush out criminals and for crowd control. Many countries military stockpile far stronger chemical weapons, but rarely if ever use them.

Are missiles air weapons?

Missles can be launched from aircraft, ships or land. They are referred to as air to air and surface to air missles.

Is there still a ban on fully automatic weapons in the US?

Yes and no. Manufacture of full auto firearms for civilian commercial sales ceased in 1986. Any full auto weapon manufactured and registered prior to the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 is still transferable. To purchase one, you need to be willing to shell out a lot of money, and be approved ( Full Answer )

Did Beowulf use weapons in the battle vs the dragon?

yes he used a shield to get close to the dragon it melted in the flames the that one dude came and helped then Beowulf was bitten by the dragon then he used a dagger to cut down the length of the dragon. so yes he used weapons

Why do you use missiles?

it is not necessary to use missiles against is just our safety purpose.if u have missiles then it may be possible then people will afraid you.

Are copper mailboxes still being used?

"Yes, copper mailboxes are still being used. Because they will not rust and are very durable, they will always remain in style. They will withstand all types of weather while remaining decorative."

Is alchemy still being used today?

Alchemy was never " used " for the transmutation of base metals into gold, but there might be other things that alchemists did which are still being used today. Though I would assume that chemistry has fully supplanted alchemy.

Are propeller planes still being used?

Yes they are still being used but they are not popular. That answer is true for military airplanes but for civilian airplanes propeller driven airplanes are the MOST flown and more of them are being manufactured than jet planes.

How is chemical weapons being used?

Chemical weapons are used all over the world to kill insects. A LOT of insecticides are, in fact, nerve agents. (Keep this in mind if you need to test your chemical agent alarm: just squirt a little Raid on it and it'll start screaming.)

Where is abacus still being used?

An abacus is a calculating tool used primarily in parts of Asia for arithmetic. The abacus was in use centuries before the written modern numeral system and is still used by merchants, traders and clerks in Asia and Africa.