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Yes This Sounds as To Be True. You Are At Fault For Making An Ilegal Turn. Which Caused An Accident. So It Is The Fault Of The One That Made The U Turn.

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Q: Is the driver at fault if his car is struck by an oncoming vehicle while making a U-turn?
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Driver makes a right hand turn and a car pulls out into the road striking vehicle whose fault?

If the turning vehicle was struck by a vehicle entering the roadway it would be the the fault of the vehicle entering the roadway.HOWEVER, if the entering vehicle was struck by the turning vehicle, it is the fault of the turning driver.

If a car is stopped and the driver has exited the vehicle can the driver be charged with an accident if his car is struck?

Yes! It happened to me in Georgia!

Who is at fault if you are proceeding with a left hand turn after stopping at a 4-way stop and are struck by an oncoming vehicle which had not stopped?

In California, according to LAPD, a stop is 5 seconds at the stop line. It would be the driver who ran the stop and struck the left turning vehicle. Of course its the CHIP that works witht he DMV to dish out driving laws. Check out your state highway patrol or DMV website.

When a vehicle is changing lanes and is struck from the rear who is at fault?


If the car is Hit on right side from pulling out of side road who fault is it?

As a GENERAL rule... It depends on where the vehicle pulling out of the side road is hit. If it is in the front half of the vehicle, it is obvious to the police and judge that that car pulled out in front of the oncoming car and did not give that car time to react by slowing down. If it was struck in the rear part of the vehicle the oncoming car should have had enough time to react and therefore it would normally be his/her fault.

Who is at fault I was making a left turn and I was struck in the passenger rear panel of my vehicle?

I don't know the details but most likely the vehicle that struck you is at fault if he/she was traveling in the same direction and lane behind you.

Why is it safe to stay in the car when lightning strikes?

This is because your vehicle is insulated from the ground by its rubber tires. Making it less likely to be struck.

Who is at fault if your vehicle is hit in the side from vehicle 2 not stopping at stop sign?

Since I don't know all the facts, I can only make an assumption. So I'l tell you what happened to me. I was traveling along a through road and a car came through a stop sign from my right without stopping at the sign. The car struck the side of my vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that ran the stop sign and struck my vehicle was issued a ticket for failure to yield. His insurance company wrote me a check for the damages without question. The other driver was at fault. Hope this applies to you.

Is the driver at-fault if he hits a debris on highway?

If there was nothing the driver could do to avoid hitting the debris and then it struck another vehicle, then I would say 'no". If you going 70 mph on the freeway and cannot move over to another lane due to traffic, etc. there was nothing the driver could do to avoid it.

Who is at fault in an accident where a vehicle is backing out of a parking spot and strikes a vehicle that is turning into the parking lot in Texas?

If my memory serves me correctly, it would be the fault of the driver who was in reverse if that driver struck the other car mostly on its broad side. After all, the driver who is pulling out of a parking lot has the right-of-way as opposed to someone in a parking spot. As far as an insurance claim goes the drivers would have to have insurance, and the driver who was struck would want to make sure they were driving within the bounds of the law (such as observing posted speed limits, stop signs, direction arrows,etc.).Hope this helps.

Did Bruce Jenner kill someone in an auto accident?

Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce Jenner) was involved in an accident in February 2015 that resulted in the death of another driver. Jenner's vehicle rear-ended another car, resulting in a head-on collision by that car with a third vehicle. Kim Howe, the driver of the car struck by Jenner, was killed. Jenner faced possible charges for manslaughter caused by unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.

What should you do if you're hit by a car?

Assuming you have the information on the driver of the vehicle that struck you it is best to consult with an attorney in your state who is experienced with such cases. They can better inform you of related laws and how they affect your particular circumstances.

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