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earths inner core is a liquid

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Q: Is the earths iner core a solid or liquid?
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How hot is earths iner core?

i think it is about 75000 degrees hot

What is the solid outer part of the earth called?

The Crust layers of the earth are: The Crust-about 5km thick and solid rock The mantle- liquid rock the the iner and outer core

What is the outer core of the earth made up of?

the earth's outer core is believed to be a liquid from what scientists infer about it. It is located above the iner core.

How does the core move?

the iner core dose not move

What is the layers of the earth in order by density?

iner core outer core

What is the sun's iner core made of?

Hydrogen and helium

What muscle groups are considered core?

the iner c:

How does s-waves an p-waves vibrations revealed about earths interior?

when the crust breacks apart it reveles objects beneth earths iner crust.

How wide is earths mantle?

35-2890km other iner planet width things are on just paste the address in

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