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Is the easiest way to sanitize a pool with chlorine Eco Smarte or Natural 2?


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2011-10-20 17:23:26
2011-10-20 17:23:26
Sanitizing your swimming poolThe question seems to run together and be confusing. I believe what is being asked is "What is the easiest way to sanitize a pool? Chlorine, Eco Smart or a Natures 2 system. None of the above methods are difficult to use on a swimming pool. Chlorine is currently the most popular method. If you add the chlorine manually adding an automatic chlorinator will make it easier. You will still need to test your swimming pool water on a regular basis to monitor how much chlorine you will actually need to use.

The Eco Smarte system used Natural Oxygen and Ionic Copper to sanitize your pool. This sytem will require no chlorine, but you still must monitor the level of copper in your swimming pool. You will on occasion need to use a non-chlorine shock and non-metal based algeacides.

The Natures 2 system is a cartridge based system that will help reduce the amount of chlorine that you will use. Again on this one you must check your water balance regularly and change your cartridge at least every 6 months.


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Cut part of the top off of the pac and refill with 1" or 3" (if you can get them to fit) chlorine tab's. I was able to get about 4 of the 3" tabs into mine, they seem to be cheaper than the 1" tabs. I do not know if this effects the efficiency of the dispensing system or not but It seems to be working for me. My neighbor does the same thing with his pool.

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