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Q: Is the electric Guitar like other instrumeent?
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What are other instruments like the electric guitar?

well an elctric guitar cant like any other instrument so.........

Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic?

Well, from my experience i personally like electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar because i like the type of tone it gives the acoustic. it all depends on if you like the sound of it.

What does a guitar look like?

This is a typical looking acoustic guitar This is a typcal electric guitar

Can you buy an electric guitar like the worlds first electric guitar?

Yes you can such it up online and figure it out were they sell it

What is a cello most like a guitar or a bass?

The cello is more like the electric bass because the electric bass guitar is an electric version of the double bass which is the cello's big brother.

What is better a classical guitar or electric guitar?

classical or electric guitar does not matter. the only thing that matter is how well you play it, and it depends on your taste for music. if you love rock and roll, then go for electric guitar but if you like classical, i suggest you take classical guitar

What does the acoustic guitar sound like?

an acoustic guitar sounds hollow unlike the electric guitar

Is Les Paul the inventor of the electric guitar?

No, though he was one of the most important developers of the electric guitar. There is considerable debate over the "inventor" of the electric guitar, with Lloyd Loar of Gibson and Adolph Rickenbacker of his self-named company both frequently mentioned as the originators of the instrument. Mostly, the electric guitar was a series of developments by different people at different times, like many other things.

What are pickups that are on electric guitar?

They are like the ears of the electric guitar when it is plugged in. All the vibrations caused by you playing the strings make the sound.

What is so fascinating about an electric guitar?

In a standard acoustic guitar, the vibrations of the strings are transferred to the body which vibrates the air around it producing sound. This is the final output. The sound cannot be modified or amplified without considerable noise. In a standard electric guitar, the vibrations of the strings are converted to electric signals using magnetic pickups. Since the output of an electric guitar is an electric signal, it can be amplified and/or altered. Effects like overdrive, reverb and chorus can be applied to the output signal. An electric guitar can be made to sound like an acoustic guitar using the necessary effect. Techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs may be extensively used while playing on an electric guitar. Extended playing techniques like finger tapping etc is possible only with an electric guitar. Tremolo arms can be used with electric guitars. Definitely, an electric guitar is much more versatile than an acoustic guitar because of the fact that the output of an electric guitar is purely an electric signal. An electric guitar is cheaper than an acoustic guitar of the same quality because electrics are easier to build than acoustics.

Which is better - Bass guitar or Electric guitar?

There is no definitive answer to that question; Both electric guitar AND Bass guitar have strong points, and neither is particulary easy to master than the other. If you are considering buying one or the other, Go to your local music shop, try out both, and see which you prefer. However, if you would like to be in a band, it is usually easier to get a place if you play Bass guitar as it is a less common instrument.

How do electric guitars make sound?

The electric guitar works like a regular guitar does, but there are small receivers on the neck of the guitar that pick up the vibrations of the strings and translate it into noise.

Where can one purchase a Dean electric guitar?

A Dean electric guitar can be purchased from the Music Room, DJM Music and Musician's Friend websites. It can also be found in good guitar shops like Rainbow Music and Guitar Guitar.

What does an electric acoustic guitar sound like?

a lot like a normal acoustic guitar, but with more options on volume.

What strings are used in an acoustic electric guitar?

EGDBDF just like in most any other guitar. 440 hz standard tuning is probably still the most popular.

Is it better to start with Acoustic guitar than Electric guitar?

Well a lot of people prefer Acoustic guitar and to start with since your fingers will harden quicker but I started with electric and Im perfectly fine. I also like that sort of music- like Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N' Roses and other rock/metal bands. So it can also affect on what music you like/ like to play.

What kind of guitar should you get?

Well it depends. If you want a guitar to play like in most rock songs get a electric guitar. If you want a guitar like a regular guitar with the hole in the middle or if you are a beginner get a acoustic guitar.

How can you make an Acoustic-Electric Guitar like an Epiphone AJ100CE sound like an Electric Guitar?

Well it depends on what you mean by sound like an electric guitar. TO make it sound like an electric guitar in one way you can just plug it in to an amp with distortion and get a sound much like a hollow body guitar. But that's pretty much all you can get out of an acoustic electric ================== One of the main things you'll have to do is restring the guitar with electric strings. There is no way even the lightest acoustic strings will sound remotely like an electric -- the attack is too metallic and hard, and they don't respond to bending and sliding like electric strings. Second is to find the right pickup. Aside from "hybrid" guitars like the Taylor T5, acoustic guitars have pickups that were designed to sound like an acoustic guitar, so their frequency response isn't going to get you electric sounds. Thirdly, I'd try to stuff the soundhole with something. Feedback is a major issue when amplifying an acoustic guitar. Frankly, with modelling technologies, I think electric guitars playing acoustic parts with the aid of special electronics sound better than the other way around, acoustic guitars trying to play electric parts. Some guitars, such as the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II, the Peavey Generation Custom and the Parker Fly, have piezo pickups built into their bridges, and the Taylor T5 has both electric-guitar pickups and body sensors, designed to play both acoustic and electric parts well. An overdriven acoustic guitar can have a very interesting sound and work in its own way, but it won't exactly be replicating an electric guitar; it'd be creating its own identity.

Who played the electric guitar?

many different guitarists played the electric guitar like slash, Elvis Presley, curt cobain and may othes

What does a bass pickup sound like on an electric guitar?

Probably about the same, actually. The technology for bass guitar pickups and electric guitar pickups are very similar, with only slight differences. Still, you're going to sound better on a guitar with a guitar pickup.

Does plugging an acoustic guitar into an amp make it sound like an electric guitar?

It will always sound like an acoustic guitar but the tone might b bad if u play it through an electric guitar amp. it would b better if u just buy an acoustic amp.

Do you need a specific kind cable for a fender mini deluxe amp for a mini fender electric guitar?

you shouldnt, it should be a 1/4" jack like any other guitar/amp

How do the electric bass sound like?

Like a guitar but 1 octave lower

Can you convert an acquistic guitar in to an electric?

Well, you can install one of several different kinds of pickups in an acoustic guitar, and then you'll have an acoustic-electric. Passive pickups, like piezo-electric pickups, just sense the vibration of the body of the guitar and sound more natural. Magnetic pickups, like most "soundhole" pickups, are built more like electric-guitar pickups and sense the string vibration. They tend to sound like hollow-body electric guitars. You can mount a standard electric pickup, tone controls, etc. into an acoustic guitar, of course... Some of the earliest "electrics" were made that way.

What is the best Ibanez electric guitar?

The one you like the best.