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Is the element hydrogen organic or inorganic?


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Only compounds are classified as organic or inorganic.

The element hydrogen often occurs in organic compounds. It can also be found in inorganic compounds.

All organic compounds contain the element carbon.

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Helium is neither organic or inorganic because it is an element and elements alone cannot be classified as organic or inorganic in nature. For a compound to be organic , it must have a carbon hydrogen bond.

Organic compounds consist of carbon and its hydrogen-containing compounds while inorganic compounds can be of any element that does not have carbon bonded to hydrogen.

No, gold is an element and is inorganic. In order to be organic a compound must contain carbon and hydrogen.

it is inorganic / element

Hydrogen peroxide is inorganic as it does not contain carbon.

Carbon is not a compound, it is an element and so is inorganic. However, all organic compounds contain carbon and hydrogen.

it is inorganic / metal / element

it is a element / metal and is inorganic

The element Aluminium is inorganic.

Inorganic, it is carbon but does not contain hydrogen.

Iodine is not a compound. It is a pure element. As such it is not organic or inorganic. In general, organic compounds are molecules containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, though some contain sulphur, nitorgen etc.

Inorganic. Organic compounds contain Carbon and Hydrogen.

organic compounds have carbon - hydrogen bond. inorganic compounds do not

sulphus is element and is inorganic

organic compound has carbon - hydrogen bond; inorganic doesnt.

organic compounds contain carbon bonded to hydrogen. Inorganic compounds do not.

Hydrogen Sulfate is inorganic. the [simple] definition of organic is that a molecule contains carbon.

Organic compounds contain carbon bonded to hydrogen. Inorganic compounds do not.

Organic compounds contain carbon and hydrogen. Inorganic compounds do not contain carbon and hydrogen together.

Organic, since it has both carbon and Hydrogen

Sodium is an element. Elements are considered to be inorganic

inorganic, as it is an element / non-metal

All elements are considered as inorganic

Hydrogen chloride (HCl) is inorganic, there's no carbon in it!

An organic compound contains carbon and hydrogen bonded together. An inorganic compound does not.

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