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It is for sale on Ebay as of May 24th 2007. Ebay ad says that it isexclusive to the Nintendo store in New York. So they are reselling it on Ebay 3.99 a can and 3.99 shipping and handling.

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โˆ™ 2013-07-02 21:42:58
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Q: Is the energy drink Power Up still being made?
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Why is wind energy not being used today?

we do use wind power energy today maybe not a lot but we still do

Is still drinks a energy drink?

they are not every time .some cases it can be an energy drink.

Are go girls the energy drink only for girls?

no boys can still drink it?!

Which company produces the AMP Energy drink?

The energy drink called "AMP" was first introduced in 2001. The AMP energy drink was created and is produced and still currently owned by the Pepsi company.

Why is biomass a better alternitive to coal?

Processing biomass still uses energy. Mining coal still uses energy. Everything we do to produce fuel, still uses energy. Even using nuclear power, still uses energy. Granted, biomass produces less smoke than a coal fire, but it is the cost to the environment, our health and well being, in the end that matters. In the UK, wind power, solar and wave power are something to consider.

If the power supply of the xbox 360 is damaged how can it still provide energy for the console?

If the power supply still works then yes.

How is potential and kenetic energy different?

Potential energy is the energy in which you have when you are standing or sitting still. Though doesn't have to be completely still, to be at least still and trying not to move, a majority of your energy is Potential. Kinetic energy is the energy of any and all living things. So, if you are moving, you have a majority of Kinetic energy. If you are being still, then you have Potential energy.

Is it inexpensive to produce wave power?

No, it is expensive, because the best technology is still being researched. Other forms of renewable energy are much cheaper, for example, solar and wind power, and their technology is already established.

Is a peristaltic pump energy efficient?

There are a step in the right direction to being energy efficient. Although some adjustments are still being made.

After being sick what should you drink if you still feel queasy?

flat coca cola

Why was coke the drink made?

Coca-Cola was originally a medicinal product, not unlike the current "energy drink" designed to give you extra energy. The original formula included cocaine. The current formula does not, but lots of people still like to drink Coca-Cola for its flavor.

Why is a Power supply of a computer still dangerous after disconnecting the power?

The capacitors can hold power for a couple minutes after being disconnected.

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Nuclear energy was (and still is) used as a means of producing electricity via a nulcear power plant.

How much can you drink and still drive?

How much can you drink and still drive?

Which energy drink is fatal?

None are fatal. Having too many too fast can cause health problems. While "Noname" formerly "Cocaine" energy drink has 300% more caffeine than Redbull it is still not as strong as a Starbucks.

How much energy could wave power generate?

There is enough energy in ocean waves to power everything in the world. However the technology is still experimental and expensive. Solar and wind power is going to be cheaper and more sustainable.

Is it bad to drink a lot of energy drinks?

It depends if you have any health problems or not... but still if you don't, you still shouldn't drink more than two because you might faint, become dissy, hallucinate or you might crash.

Does monster energy drink effect plants growth?

No it doesnt efect it it will die though but it still grows but lasts for about a month

If windmills dont work how do people who use wind energy still get electricity?

A windmill produced electricity while the wind blows. It may produce energy when the wind blows and people don't need it. People don't need all the energy a windmill produces all the time but they may need energy when the wind is not blowing. Windmills are therefore linked up to battery systems and charge the batteries when the wind is blowing, energy is being produced, and nobody is using it. When people need energy and the wind is not blowing (no power is being produced) they use power from the batteries.

Can you drink alcohol and still lose 10 pounds in 14 days?

drink enough to make you sick, id guess it would have the same effect as being balemic

Energy generated from tidrs?

Tidal energy production is still in its infancy. The amount of power produced so far has been small. There are very few commercial-sized tidal power plants.

Can kinetic and potential energy be energy?

Both are forms of energy. Potential energy is the available energy that could be used and Kinetic energy is the energy actually being used. Think of Potential energy as being a high cliff with water on top. The higher the cliff the more energy available. If no water is falling though, there is noting being used, But the potential for falling water is still there. Kinetic energy is the water that actually falls.

Why would people want to reprocess fuel rods from a nuclear power plant?

as it still has energy in it.

What does 'power slide' mean?

A power slide is when a car 'slides' sideways at an angle, with the back wheels still being powered.

How do you get energy on Facebook mobsters app?

People can send you an energy drink/cup of coffee.The energy drink restores 75 energy while the cup of coffee gives you 30% of your total energy.That goes for Mobsters: Vendetta.I am not sure correctly but on Myspace you get an energy pack that gives you 200 energy. I hope that helps you a bit. Try asking your other Mobster friends to answer if you still need help.

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