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It is a NON Interference engine. The pistons have reliefs cut into them, in order to prevent damage if the belt snaps. Therefore if you snapped a belt the valves will not collide with the pistons. Source - A friend of mine that has been a Ford mechanic for 21 years.

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Q: Is the engine on a 1999 ZX2 2.0L DOHC Zetec an interference or non-interence engine?
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Is the 2.0 zetec engine in a 1999 mercury cougar an interference engine?

According to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etcetera ) for the 2.0 litre four cylinder engine in a 1999 Mercury Cougar : ( No , it is NOT an interference engine )

Is the 1999 Chrysler 3.2 L engine an interference or non interference engine?

It is an interference engine.It is an interference engine.

Is a 1999 dodge 2.4L engine interference or non interference?

It's an interference engine.

1999 zx2 timing belt breaks will the valves be bad?

the ZETEC engine used in the 1999 ZX2 is a non-interference engine. This means that the pistons will not contact the valves when the timing belt breaks. Because of this, the valves will not be bad if the timing belt breaks

Is the 2.5 engine in a 1999 Mazda Milenia an interference or non-interference engine.?

non interference.

How do you find out if an engine in a 1999 Chrysler Concord is interference or non-interference-2.7L?

The 2.7L is an interference engine.

Is the 4Cyl engine of 1999 Camry XLE an interference engine?

2.2L gas engine, non interference.2.2L diesel engine, yes interference.

Does a broken timing belt of Isuzu trooper 1999 model has an interference on the engine?

No, this is not an interference engine.

If a 1999 Chrysler Concorde 2.7 engine is interference or non-interference Can anyone help you?

It is interference.

Is a 1999 3.5 Chrysler engine an interference engine?


Does the 2.4L DOHC 1999 stratus have an interference motor in it?

The 2.4 litre DOHC engine is NOT an interference engine.

Is the 1999 ranger with 2.5 liter an interference engine?

According to Gates ( they manufacture timing belts etc ) the 2.5 liter engine used in a 1999 Ford Ranger is NOT an interference engine