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Is the face of Harry Truman on money?

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no he is not

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Is Harry S. Truman on money?

Harry Truman is not on money

What promblems did Harry Truman face during his term?


Does Harry S. Truman have his face on any currency?


Was Harry Truman a liar?

Harry truman was a liar!:)

Did Harry Truman do a part of Harry Potter?

No. Harry Truman has no connection with Harry Potter.

Where was Harry Truman burried?

Harry Truman is buried at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri.

Who was Harry Truman named after?

Harry Truman was named after his father Harry Truman and was named in honor of his uncle Harrison Young.

What influnced Harry S Truman?

who influnced harry s. Truman

Was Harry S. Truman a democrat?

Harry Truman was a demoncrat.

Is Haley wrong about Harry Truman?

yes, she is wrong about harry truman

What two challenges did Harry Truman face after WW2?

(1) the rising threat of communism.

Who was the president when world war 2 ended?

Harry TrumanHarry Truman

When did Harry Truman get married?

Harry S. Truman got married in 1919

How many children did Harry Truman have?

Harry S Truman had ONE child. It was a girl, and her name was Margaret Truman.

Harry Truman political party?

Harry S. Truman was a part of the Democratic party.

Who was the president at the end of world war 2?

Harry S. Truman.Harry Truman

What leader did not attend the Yalta Conference?

Harry S. Truman Harry S. Truman

When did Harry Truman run for president?

Harry Truman ran for President in 1948 as the incumbent.

Who was the US president when World War 2 ended?

Harry TrumanHarry Truman

Who is Harry Truman?

Harry S. Truman was a President of the United States from 1945 to 1952.

How did Harry Truman face a difficult reelection campaign in 1948?

southern democrats were upset he supported civil rights

Who made the Truman Doctrine?

Harry S. Truman

Who killed Harry S Truman?

Harry Truman died of cardiovascalar failure at the age of 88.

What political party was Harry Truman apart of?

Harry S Truman was a member of the Democratic Party.

When was harry S Truman?

Harry S Truman was President of the United States from 1945 to 1953.