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Yes. In the United States, the federal constitution isthe US Constitution.

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How does the US Constitution affect the federal government?

How does the U.S. Constitution affect the federal government?

How does Georgia state constitution compare with US Constitution?

Well the Georgia constitution was only a state constitution but the US constitution was a federal government. Hoped I helped!

What are differences between US Constitution and tx constitution?

The Texas has a state constitution while the US constitution is federal and applies to all states.

Does the federal government have a constitution?

Clearly YES. The federal government have a world-famous constitution called US Constitution. James Madison wrote that in 1787. US Constitution framed a model for the world and democracy

How do you use Constitution in a sentence?

The US Constitution is the basic foundation of what the Federal Government can do or not do

Which Article of the Constitution addresses the duties of federal judges?

The duties of federal judges is not contained anywhere in the US Constitution.

What is the federal constitution?

The federal constitution is one which sets up a system of federalism within a country . Overall it is a more formal way of saying The US Constitution.

Do federal statutes take precedence over the US Constitution?

No. Every federal statute must be in line with the Constitution. The Justices on the Supreme Court are charged with reviewing the federal laws to make sure that they are in compliance with the Constitution.The US Constitution always takes precedence over statutes.

Who enforce the law of federal?

the us constitution

These courts derive their power from the constitution and federal laws?

In which gas are the Declaration of Independence & the US Constitution stored in? federal courts ?

Does the federal government derive its power to govern from the US Constitution?

Yes. The division of federal and state powers is outlined in the Constitution.

Who trumps when the US Constitution and a federal law are in conflict?

The Constitution takes precedence over federal law; all laws must comply with the principles of the Constitution or they can be nullified.

Can the constitution be amended in such a manner so as to completely exclude any role for the national government of the US?

No. Nothing in a state constitution can over ride the federal constitution. There are specific things listed in the federal constitution that are limited only to the federal government.

What type of election is regulated by the constitution?

That depends on the constitution in question. In the US it would be federal elections.

What type of government did the constitution establish for us?

The constitution establishes the United States as a Federal Republic.

Which source of law takes priority in the following situations A federal statute conflicts with the U.S. Constitution and why?

The Constitution takes priority when a federal statute conflicts with the US Constitution. The Constitution always takes priority in courts.

Are federal courts superior to state courts?

The federal courts are "superior" in cases involving federal statutes, the US Constitution, or US Treaties. Article VI of the US Constitution states the US Constitution and federal laws or treaties created under the Constitution supersede conflicting state laws or constitutional issues. For the most part, the state and federal courts have different jurisdiction and each is superior within its sphere of influence.

What amendment to the US Constitution declares that the Federal Government does not have any power that the US Constitution hasn't clearly given it?

10th (:

How did the Articles of Confederation compare to the US Constitution?

Under the Articles, the federal government was much weaker. The Constitution allowed for more federal power. The Constitution created a much stronger government.

Who was US federal system of government established by?

The Constitution

How does the Constitution describe the US government?

federal in nature

The federal government derives their power from?

the us Constitution

Where is the original US Constitution at?

The Federal National Archives

How are state and Federal powers separated by the US Constitution?

In the US Constitution, this document specifies what are the responsibilities of the federal government. Duties and responsibilities not specifically delegated to the federal government are therefore the responsibilities of the states.

What was a major change when the us constitution replaced the articles of confederation?

The constitution strengthened the power of the federal government