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the first car ever invented was made by the french, so I don't think it would be.

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Q: Is the first car ever invented at the ford museum?
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What was the first car ever created in the world?

A ford auto mobile because the guy who invented the first car (auto mobile) his last name was ford

Pictures of the first car invented?

There are pictures of the first car made available at the Ford Museum that is located in Detroit Michigan. There are also pictures of this car on the Internet.

Did the wright brothers invent car?

No. They invented the plane. Henry ford made the first ever car.

What kind of car was invented first?

A Ford invented by Henry Ford

When was the first Ford Mustang invented?

wen was the frist ford gt invented

Who first invented Ford cars?

Henry Ford

Who invented the first ever Mustang logo?

Phil Clark is the designer of the first ever "pony " emblem for Ford Mustangs. He sketched nine designs before finally settling on the pony tribar design.

Who invented to first car model?


When was the first auto car invented?

The first production car was invented in 1908 by Henry Ford.

Why was the Ford Model T ever invented?

It was invented because when Henry Ford incorporated the Ford Motor Company in 1903 He said "I will build a car for the great multitude" and 5 years later he invented the Model T.

Who invented the van?

Ford invented the first van. It was a 1960 Ford Econoline Van.

What did Henry Ford accomplish in 1900?

Henry Ford invented the first car, as well as Ford Motor Company. The first model car he invented was the T-model car. This was the first mass-produced car in the world.