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Is the fuel pressure in a 1988 Mazda RX7 high or low?

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fuel pressure on non-turbo 64-85psi .65 ltr of fuel in 30 seconds turbo 71-92psi 1.10 ltr of fuel in 30seconds

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Where is the fuel pump located on a 1988 Chrysler newyorker?

In the fuel tank, it is electric high pressure

Where is the fuel pump for a 1988 f250 4x4?

high pressure fuel pump is mounted on the frame on the drivers side. low pressure is in the fuel tank

1988 ford ranger xlt how many fuel pump does it have?

The 1988 model has 2 fuel pumps. A low pressure fuel pump is located in the tank and a high pressure fuel pump is mounted to the frame on the driver's side, under the cab.

Is there more then 1 fuel pump on an 1988 bronco?

yes low pressure in tank and high pressure on driver side before tansfercase but after fuel filter. if you follow the fuel line from the fuel filter backside you'll run right in to it

What does a high pressure fuel pump do?

It pumps fuel at a higher pressure than a standard fuel pump.

Where is the fuelpump located on ford bronco2?

If you have a carburetor the fuel pump is on the lower left side of the engine.From 1985 through 1988 the 2.3 and 2.9 liter used two fuel pumps.One (low pressure) pump is in the fuel tank and a high pressure pump is on the frame on the drivers side.Just follow the fuel lines from the tank.1989 and newer use a single high pressure pump in the fuel tank.

What is the correct fuel pressure for a 1985 Mazda 323 1.6 liter?

Should be the same as my 1989 323; 40 PSIG (280 kPag). Please note this is on the discharge side of the high pressure pump, before the fuel filter. Good luck Malcolm

Where is the fuel filter in a95 Mazda mx6?

the high pressure fuel filter is under the air flow meter next to the abs unit .its silver and round ..just follow the fuel injector input pipes back to the fuel filter .By Ivan from SA

Where can you get a new pressure fuel line and return fuel line for a 1988 Chevrolet 350 throttle body?

Your local parts dealer SHOULD have that. I purchased some high pressure fuel lines from NAPA just this week nope i even tried the Chevrolet dealerships

How many and where are the fuel pumps on an 1988 bronco 2?

It is set up one of two ways. There is a low pressure pump in the tank and a high pressure pump on the frame rail under the drivers door, or there is just one high pressure pump in the tank.

Was the pressure high or low when fossil fuel were made?


Where are the two fuel pumps located on a 1988 ford 350 one ton 6 cycle 300 van?

If believe the there is a low pressure pump in the tank and a high pressure pump close to the fuel filter on the frame close to the transmission.

1996 ford F250 Fuel pump High pressure?

The 1996 Ford F2 50 high pressure fuel pump is located inside of the gas tank. The high pressure fuel pump can be purchased from most auto-parts stores.

What causes high fuel input pressure on a 5.9 cummins at high rpm?

the high pressure oil pump

Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 corvette?

Under car on passenger side frame rail, be careful this is a high pressure system and needs to be bleed before working on it.

What are those 3 cylindrical objects connected to the fuel line beneath the passenger compartment on a 2 point 9 liter 1988 Bronco II?

the connections are the splitring fuel connectors not sure what you are looking at... could be the reservoir, the "high" pressure fuel pump, and fuel filter. there is also a low pressure pump inside the tank

What is injected into high pressure air in a jet plane?

Jet fuel is injected into high pressure air in jet engines.

Fuel pump in a 1988 ford bronco?

The Ford Bronco has two fuel pumps- one low pressure feed pump inside the tank that necesitates removing the fuel tank to replace, and one high pressure pump midway along the driver side of the vehicle on the frame rail. Trace the fuel lines forward from the tank to find it easily.

What does the error code p1130 mean on a Chrysler g voyager crd automatic 55 year?

p1130 is fuel system pressure failure. check fuel pump (low pressure) under car, fuel filter for restrictions, perform backleak test injectors, test high pressure fuel pump and solenoids and high pressure sensor on fuel rail.

Why injection pressure is high for diesel engines in common rail direct injection?

In common rail direct injection (DICOR) engine used in multicylender & main function is to provided the fuel in equal amount of in all cylender & the pressure of the fuel is high for atomised (Vaporized) the fuel & these atomised the fuel is reduces the knoking problem.Regarding this high pressure is use.

Where is fuel pump 2004 Jeep grand cherrokee limited?

If it is a 2.7 L diesel, the first is in the fuel tank, the low and high pressure pumps are at the front of the engine high up, the high pressure pump feeds the common rail. The filter is to the rear of the near side of the engine easily visable and is between the pump in the tank and the low pressure pump in the fuel circuit. fuel pressure is very high so take great care.

What are the requirements for nuclear fusion?

high temperaturehigh pressurea fuel that can undergo fusion

Is there a in tank fuel pump on a 1989 Ford F-150 van with duel tanks?

There is a low pressure fuel pump in each fuel tank. The low pressure pump feeds the inline high pressure pump. Newer models , I believe 1990 and up, changed to the high pressure in tank fuel pump and eliminated the in line pump.

How do you replace a fuel pump without removing the gas tank on a 1995 Mazda 626?

This vehicle may have two pumps. A low pressure pump inside the tank that sends fuel to a high pressure injection pump. Need to check current to each one to see which may be problem. Check out the site.

How much fuel pressure should a 1988 Chevy pickup with a 350 small block have?

Stock, about 3, to 3.5. High performance, 6 lbs., is about all the needle, and seat will take. NEW ANSWER : That is a fuel injected engine / TBI fuel system and it requires 9 to 13 LBS. of fuel pressure to even start and run. It CAN'T be any LOWER are HIGHER are you will have problems.