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The fuel relay on a sunbird in

under the hood on the left side just by the water over flow tank.

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Q: Is the fuel pump relay switch in the trunk of a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird?
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How do you access the back speakers of a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?

From the trunk.

Where is trunk light switch for Pontiac Sunfire?

The trunk light switch on a Pontiac Sun Fire is typically in the latch assembly. This is usually inside the trunk and under the carpet.

Where is the trunk relay located in a 85 fiero gt?

No relay, Power provided directly from switch.

Where can you find the heater relay switch in 89 town car?

it's in the trunk , a sticker on the hing of the trunk

Where is the fuel pump relay on Pontiac Grand Am?

It is in ur trunk behind back seat

Where is the fuel pump relay switch on a 1993 Chevy Corsica?

in the trunk

Where is fuel relay switch for 1993 Mercury Sable?

The fuel relay switch is located in the trunk on the left side. There is a hole and a red button behind it.

Where is the fuel filter in a 1990 Pontiac sunbird?

Under vehicle, center, below trunk area, near fuel tank, mounted in fuel line.

How do you check the relay if the open roof is in the way on a 1991 Pontiac sunbird with a convertible top When the top is open and will not close?

In the trunk of the car find the wires and unplug them. Take a wire known to be hot and touch the wire. One is for up and one is for down. If they work then the relay is bad. If it still doesn't work it is the motor itself.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch on a 2010 Malibu?

It is on left side of trunk area behind trim panel. It is in a 5x7 fuse block. The number of the relay and fuse illustrated on block cover. On my v6 malibu the relay is #57 and the fuse is #25. This is also location for pontiac g6 block.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch on a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis?

The emergency reset switch is in the trunk on the hinge. The relay is located in the engine compartment on the fender on the driver's side. The power is the yellow wire and the orange wire goes to the reset switch in the trunk. The relay only stays energized for a short time if no fuel pressure is found.

How do you open trunk from inside ford escort 1998?

Unfortunately, with this model, there is not an internal switch to release the trunk without getting out of the car and using your keyless entry or your physical key to open the trunk. This can easily be rectified by installing a Momentary push button yourself inside the car wherever you choose. The switch will have two contacts on it, one will be grounded to the car frame metal anywhere. The other contact will be attached to the Trunk release relay switch. The Trunk Release relay switch in the ZX2 is located on the passenger's side of the car just inside the door frame (where your feet would be). It is located behind a small plastic molding panel which can be removed by removing the 2 or 3 plastic quick-release bolts. Once opened, the black relay switch can be seen. On this relay switch is a Green Wire with Black Stripe which controls the Trunk Release. Place your activation lead from your momentary switch into this connection for the Trunk Release. Voila! You now have an internal Trunk Release without having to exit the car!

Where is the fuse for the the trunk release located on a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix?

the fuse or relay? becuase the fuse is in the fuse box

Where is the relay switch located on a 1996 Chevy Caprice?

In the vehicle, or under the hood, or in the trunk. Check there first.

Where is the trunk light switch on a Pontiac Grand Am?

It's should be on the left hinge. (Small plastic end piece)

Where is fuel relay switch on 92 Lincoln VII?

it is on the driver side in the trunk right next to the spare tire

Where's the relay for the fuel pump on a 1997 Lincoln?

its located in the trunk along with the switch for the air ride override

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located in a 1999 Lincoln town car?

It is on the trunk hinge on the driver side.

Where is inertia switch and fuel pump relay for a 1988 Ford Thunderbird?

in the trunk behind the paneling, i forget which side and the relay is under the hood on the pass side i believe

Where is trunk release in Pontiac fiero?

The rear "trunk" (decklid) release mechanism is an option, if equipped, and is located on the right side of the dash protrusion on the dash. It will be a switch that shows an opening "trunk". If this switch is not there, then the car was not equipped with rear trunk release. If you are trying to get into a Fiero trunk that does not have a decklid release mechanism or a broken one, and you have lost the keys, then you will have to actually break into the car to open the trunk. Typically, if the outer key switch is remove, you can insert a long screwdriver into the hole and pop the trunk lock.

Where is the fuel relay sensor for 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX located?

if you mean the fuel cut off switch, its in the trunk.

Why won't the trunk on the Pontiac latch?

What kind of Pontiac? Bonneville, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Firebird, Sunbird, Sunfire, Parisenne, etc? You probably have a bad latch, replace it I just ran across this on my car and all I had to do was check latch alignment and align the latch

Where is the power trunk relay switch located on a 95 cadillac sedan deville?

the guts of the whole operation are under the trunk pull-down cover--the latch on the trunk LID is ONLY THE RELEASE UNIT. Good luck

Fix trunk release button 1992 acura legend?

Check the release fuse first. Then check the relay, and the switch. If these are all ok, then check the solenoid at the release inside of the trunk.

What does dECk mean on 2008 dodge avenger?

The trunk lid is open or the trunk ajar switch has malfunctioned