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Is the general term small business opportunity trademarkable?


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No. One good example of an attempt to copyright a general phrase is Fox's lawsuit regarding the phrase "Fair and Balanced." Fox lost the suit because terms like this can't be copyrighted. Copyright and trademark law sometimes overlap. Contrarily, even though copyright wouldn't protect something like a short phrase, the trademark could still become enforceable, over time, through a concept known as "secondary meaning". However, the general rule is that a trademark must be capable of uniquely identifying the source and quality of goods. The more common or descriptive a slogan is, the less protection it gets you. The more suggestive, unusual or abstract a trademark is, the more likely it will be protectable as your individual trademark.


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If one wants to find a small business opportunity in Utah, first study the regional type and know what is locally and commercially accepted in that area. For example, if looking in a rural area in Utah one might want to invest his or her time in farming and or live stock.

A business budgeting software is beneficial for small business because it allows them to easily track their payables, receivables and payroll. It also allows them to cover some general accounting functions.

Banks and local government offices offer small business such resources as financing, tax advice and printable forms. Microsoft offers free printable business templates as well.

An Apple IMac is a great computer for a small business you can, have double the features compared to a named brand computer to one that is not that big in general.

Unless you're operating your small business as a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you need to demonstrate that the business is separate from the owners.

An Entrepreneur* is a very general term. You could simply start a small business.

Yes. There are literally an unlimited number of small business ideas for women in Michigan, and women in general. Getting a business degree is the first step. It will really open your eyes as to the types of businesses out there.

Some of the best small business opportunities lie in computers. We will always have computers and those fields are continually changing and looking for people skilled in that field. Another good small business is in caring for senior citizens as the baby boomers get older that field will continue to grow.

In a small business, a General Manager may be responsible for all functional areas with the overall responsibility for managing both the revenue and cost elements of a company's income statement. The size of the business may not require creation of multiple departments (such as accounting, marketing, sales, HR etc.) due to a small team size and fewer operational requirements.

Often times when people locate a business for lease and are interested in testing out their entrepreneurial skills at this opportunity, they rush into the venture in a rushed manner. It is important to create a plan for this opportunity before making a commitment on the business for lease opportunity. Make sure that you will have the financial backing of a bank or financial lender before signing any contract. You will find that by doing this before making a commitment you will have the ability to figure out details of the business in a more realistic manner. This alone can save you a small fortune that may otherwise be in jeopardy of being lost should the business fail due to lack of funding.

There are a lot of advantages of a home based small business such as personal freedom, get to keep the money you make, increased opportunity, less risk, tax advantages, more time for friends and family, less stress, increased productivity.

One can find small business consultant in the following sites; Passion for business, The small business consultancy, and Small Business Advisory Group.

It was a law that provided funds for youth programs, anti-poverty measures, small business loans, and job training.

Mass market is when business targets general consumers (the majority) in the market with general needs. Niche market is when business targets a small group of consumers with specific needs in the market.

try out ideas on a computer simulation before risking real time and money

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