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Is the girl in the video Justin Biebers girlfriend?


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2010-10-22 20:42:22
2010-10-22 20:42:22

no it is not his girl friend

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she is not his girlfriend:)

no that is really a 17 year old girl his girlfriend

It was not a girl it was a BOY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hes now dating Jasmine Villegas (she was the lead girl in Justin biebers video baby)

i dont remember her name, but since he was single at the time, it wasnt his girlfriend(: It was Kristen Rodeheaver

There is no girl in his video. He just has Usher in it and professional dancers.

It was the girl in Justin Biebers One Time video and she is a model.

The girl in the music video One Time is Kristen Rodeheaver.

He DOES NOT have a type he just wants a girl that has a nice smile

This girl named Hannah Kane. She claims she went out with him and that she is the girl in the video. She is Caitlin Beadle's cousin.

grace Wilson but you can hardy find pics of her

well theodora reall cant be Justin biebers girlfriend cause eh Justin bieber have favorite girl s wich is not theodora nothing mean sorry

Her name is Kristen Rodeheaver......im verry jelous

Justin Bieber's Music Video U Smile ..... JustinAlexDrewBieber Did The Music Video With Anastashia Kassar ! Shes like 16 Or 15 Or 17.

Justin biebers favorite song is favorite grl because he said that that was the most sexy girl he has ever done a music vidio with go on to youtube to look at this music video its called favorite girl by Justin bieber xx

grace Justin biebers real crushi think run grace run

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