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No. This is maintenance. Insurance is not responsible for maintenance.

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Q: Is the homeowner insurance paying for resurfacing the pool?
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Can you get swimming pool insurance?

There is no "swimming pool" insurance. There are however riders available from some insurance companies that can be added to your homeowner's policy.

How do you get out a light that is stuck because of resurfacing the pool?

I would have the resurfacing company come back out to "fix" the problem.

Does homeowner insurance cover swimming pool accidents?

yes. make sure you mention this to your agent and it's noted in your coverage

Where can a Homeowner's Association purchase insurance for a summer outdoor pool?

Local independent insurance agents are able to place "package policies" which include common area property values, common area general liability and swimming pool liability.

What does resurfacing a pool mean?

Resurfacing is applying (troweling) a new coat on top of a eroding pool bottom. The best material to use is pool base (vermiculite and portland cement). It can be applied from 1/4" thickness and can be tapered to smooth edge.

How to resurface a gunite pool with fiberglass?

How to resurface a gunite (or concrete) pool with fiberglass is explained in "Pool Resurfacing Made Easy" written in 1999 by Bill Nash, CEO of UGlassIt Pool Resurfacing, Inc. It can be ordered online at The company provides all the material and supplies necessary for the resurfacing of all kinds of swimming pools, plus telephone help is available 7 days weekly.

Is superior pool service one of the best pool resurfacing companies in Dallas?

Yes Superior Pool Service is one of the best resurfacing companies in the Dallas area. Reviews say they are a bit expensive though so you may want to get a few offers.

Does homeowner insurance cover in ground swimming pool leaks?

Probably not as not all houses will normally have a swimming pool. If you want to know either read the detail of your policy or ring up the company and ask.

Can a homeowner purchase an insurance policy to protect an above ground swimming pool from winter damage or can a rider be attached to their current homeowner's insurance policy?

Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to acquire "Collapse of Above-Ground Pool" endorsement. Which covers exactly what it says, the collapse of the above ground pool Check with your agent. The coverage is not cheap either. Here in Chicagoland, about 250 / year SJ I think ours is simply a rider policy. Ours is included in the hurricane coverage!

If the structure of an inground pool is comprimised due to a broken water pipe from the pool would it be covered under homeowner's insurance?

Its best for you to check with your insurance agent, the insurance agent will have a better understanding of what your policy covers. In todays world too many insurance companys just want to take your money and not hear of any claims, and then if they do pay out then they drop you.

Can an above ground swimming pool cost more in homeowner's insurance?

Usually an insurance company will not raise a price for a swimming pool but they will require a fence and lockable gate to keep children out. Also diving boards are a big issue right now andmost companies do not want to insure a home with a diving board on a pool.

Does homeowner insurance cover damage to pool?

It really just depends on your insurance policy and the nature of the damage. Check you homeowners insurance policy declarations page for the term "Other Structures" or "Additional Structures". A pool is usually considered an additional structure. If the damage was caused by a covered peril under your policy you may have coverage for repairs.

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