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Gas heater & electric heater both are available.

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2021-08-11 07:11:53
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Brass vs stainless steel whichis suitable for plumbing

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Q: Is the hot water heater gas and electric?
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What is cheaper to operate gas hot water heater or electric?

Natural gas

Electric Hot Water Heater?

form_title= Electric Hot Water Heater form_header= Install an electric hot water heater. Is your current water heater electric?*= () Yes () No How old is your home?*= _ [50] What is your current monthly electric bill?*= _ [50]

What type of noise should you hear when hot water tank is making hot water?

It depends on if it's a gas water heater or electric. I don't think electric makes any noise, but a gas water heater, you'll the gas ignite, and hear the rushing gas from the burner.

What part would you need for a water heater that want produce hot water?

The part that generates heat... depending if it is a gas / electric heater

How can fix no hot water in the shower?

do you have an electric hot water heater,- or is it a gas/ electric hot water heater system,- or is it a mainbody boiler hooked up to the hot water tubing in the house?Ido have an electric w/h and I do have hot water @ the sink.maybe your hot water heater or your mainbody boiler PILOT light blew out-- remove the panel and check it out and see if you can light it againmaybe your hot water tanks gas valve blew out-- you willl need to buy another valve to replace it or maybe a whole new hot water heater if the hot water heater is about 10 years old or older.maybe all the hot water was used up somewhere else in the house or by someone else.maybe your hot waters element heater blew outmaybe your hot water gas will not ignite because maybe the Thermocouple Igniter is no longer any good and you need to replace it.

Who should install a hot water heater?

An electric can be installed by any plumber or smart handyman. A gas one needs a gas fitter.

What are the main home uses for an electric hot water heater?

Electric hot water heater is used to heat cold water for use in winters. Electric hot water heaters heat water faster than the ones which consume fire in order to heat water.

Why do you smell propane gas from the hot water heater?

Have gas line and all gas fittings and connections at water heater checked for gas leak. Should not smell gas at water heater.

Do you have to turn off the gas if you turn off the water supply to the house?

YES and No Yes if you are going to be working on the gas water heater and No if you are working on a cold water line and if you are working on a hot water line you can shut off the gas or electric to the water heater so in case your water heater drains but what I usually do is just turn the water heater's water supply valve off.

Should the vent on a gas water heater be hot?

if its not a forced air water heater then yes its should be hot but not red hot.

Where is the drain on a gas hot water heater?

Side of water heater, near bottom.

How many amps for an electric hot water heater?

The amperage of an electric hot water heater is governed by the wattage of the heating elements and the voltage that is applied to them. Amps = Watts/Volts.

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