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No, but they look very similar. Both homes are in Pasadena located very close to each other. You can see pictures of each home together with their addresses below: Father of the Bride House: Mr. & Mr. Smith House:

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Is the father of the bride house the same as rumor has it?

I thought it was too, at first glance, but the "Father of the Bride" house is located at 500 N Almansor St, Alhambra, CA, and the "Rumor Has It" house is located at 717 South Hudson Ave, Pasadena, CA. =) BTW, the FOTB house is much larger, and for sale! If you search on the street address you can look at the listing for that gorgeous house.

What was the contrast in mood between victors father and his bride on the day that victor and elizabeth were married?

Victors father was happy but sad at the same time. It was almost as if he was losing a son. However the bride was as happy as can be.

Is Jaden Smith and Trey Smith half brothers?

Yes, they are before Jada pinkett smith he had a wife and he had Trey smith so they are half brothers same father, but not the same mom

Who would give a Jewish bride away in the ceremony?

haha... the same thing as usual. The father.

Who was father of the bride in the film of the same name?

Spencer Tracy in the 1950 version, Steve Martin in the 1991 version.

Is the same height of bride and groom matters?

No.....The same height of bride and groom isn't matters.

What are the names of Will Smith's parents?

Will Smith (Jr.) has the same name as his father, Willard Carroll Smith. Will's mother's maiden name was Caroline Bright.

If Father is a Junior and alive is his son the second?

It's confusing so here goes:If the father's father's name is John Smith and has a son they call John Smith Jr., then it makes the son's father John Smith, Sr.If John Smith Jr., has a son and calls him John Smith, Jr., then it's 'John Smith Jr. II, but if John Smith Jr., calls his son Timothy Smith then there is no Jr. II behind it. Junior is only applied when the first and last name is the same of the father of the child.

Is ''our'' a noun or verb or adjective?

The word 'our' is a possessive, plural pronoun, it replaces the possessive nouns for the subject or the object of a sentence or phrase. Examples:Subject: 'John's and my father is the same person.' or 'Our father is the same person.'Object: 'The yellow house is Frank's and my house.' or 'The yellow house is our house.'

Does the grooms father wear the same as the brides father?

The groom and the bride's fathers can both wear a tux. It would be okay for the groom's father to wear a nice suit because he would not be the one walking the bride down the isle.

Can the father have his girlfriend stay over night in same house when he has vistation with the child?

Yes he can!

What is the difference of Father Christmas to Santa Claus?

that Santa is not the same as father Christmas because Santa comes to you house to have cookies and milk

Is the house that Larry Birkhead moved into the same house used for filming The Anna Nicole Show?

yes because they showed the house on tv and Anna Nicole smith was playing as the house she lived in

Who pays for Bianca's and licentious wedding in taming of the shrew?

Describing Lucentio as "Licentious" is very amusing, and not without some truth. The feast is at the house of Baptista, the father of the bride, who we will assume bears the cost of it. The same appears to be the case in Kate's wedding earlier on, and Juliet's abortive wedding in Romeo and Juliet follows the same lines.

Can your chihuahua get pregnant by her father?

Yes. Please spay her if you're going to keep her in the same house as him.

What is II after English names eg John Smith II?

II just refers to the second in his family to have that name. I guess you can say so people wont get confused. Like if my grandfather's name was John Smith and my father had that same name, my name would be John Smith III. ---- A son who has exactly the same name as his father is normally styled "junior," as in John F. Smith, Jr. A third generation with the same name would be styled "the third," written John F. Smith III. (Note the comma before "Jr." but not before "III.")When "II" is used ("the second"), it's usually the case that the second is a descendant of but not the son of the first. For example, John F. Smith has a son named George Smith. Then George has a son and names him John F. Smith. He would be styled John F. Smith II ("the second"), after his grandfather, not his father.

Does the brides father give away the bride at a Jehovah wedding?

A Jehovah Witness Wedding is the same in most respects to say a catholic wedding. The only true difference is that the ceremony is not held in a church (never) and their is never a priest but a speaker, from the couples Kingdom Hall. So to answer your question the brides father typical gives away the bride unless the mother does it.

What is the difference between over and under shotguns?

Over and Under shotguns are the same thing, it means 1 barrel is on top of the other. You also get Single and Side-by-Side!!!12 Bore Man!!!In the folklore of the south and Midwest the term over and under shotgun refers to the way that the father of the bride is holding his shotgun at the wedding ceremony.*If the father of the bride is holding the shotgun barrel pointed upwards at a 45% angle then this is called an over shotgun (holding over ones head) which means the father of the bride is in position to draw down upon the groom should he try and run away,the holding of the shotgun in this manner indicates that the bride is pregnant,the father is completely in a rage and a wedding must take place that very day..*If the father of the bride is holding the shotgun barrel pointed downwards at a 45% angle then this is called an under shotgun (holding under ones head) which means that the father of the bride has confidence that the groom will not run away,the father is not in a rage but is still angry and so remains in a position to draw down upon the groom if need be.This indicates that the bride is not presently pregnant but was found to have been very naughty with her groom to be and a marriage must take place to save her honor...

In their name how does one get to put II or III or IV etc at the end?

It depends on how many generations before you had the same name. For example, If your name is John Smith, and both your father and grandfather have the same name, then you would be legally known as John Smith III.

How are related Will Smith and Willow Smith?

Same mom Jada smith

What side does the brides guest sit on?

The brides guest sit on the same side that the bride dose . The bride is always on the left.

Do you have to allow the father visitation if he pays child support?

yes unless he not in the same house check that miss missy

What is will smiths dads name?

Willard Christopher Smith (He has the same name as his father) Most would assume their name's are William, but their name's are Willard c:

Should mother of bride wear ivory if bridal gown is ivory?

Never. The only person in ivory should be the bride. It is inappropriate for a person at a wedding, mother or not, to wear the same color as the bride.

How do you answer a suffix answer on a job app when it follow your name?

I believe this applies to males only, examples are: Sr. = Senior, if you are the father of a son who has the same first and last name as you. Jr. = Junior, if you are the son of a father who has the same first and last name as you. Or potentially a roman numeral after the last name, such as John Smith, III which means, "John Smith the third" as in you are the third person in your immediately family with the name John Smith. If neither of these apply to you, leave the suffix field blank.