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Is the human body made of liquid?


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actually its mostly made up of water about 35 liters the rest is made up of elements

  1. Oxygen (65%)
  2. Carbon (18%)
  3. Hydrogen (10%)
  4. Nitrogen (3%)
  5. Calcium (1.5%)
  6. Phosphorus (1.0%)
  7. Potassium (0.35%)
  8. Sulfur (0.25%)
  9. Sodium (0.15%)
  10. Magnesium (0.05%)
  11. Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Molybdenum, Fluorine, Chlorine, Iodine, Manganese, Cobalt, Iron (0.70%)

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The human body holds 66% of liquid or water

About two thirds of the human body is liquid so about 66.6%

The liquid that transports things in your body is the blood.

The liquid part of the body is BLOOD. C.P.

in human body blood is liquid

The human body has liquid, with dissolved ions.

The human body contains many chemical elements, including hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, which in their pure form are gases (at normal temperature and pressure). However, these elements are present in the human body in the form of compounds which are either solid or liquid; no part of the human body is actually made of gas.

blood-made up of liquid part and solid part

Blood is the only liquid tissue you will ever find

If you mean liquid released by the human body, then that liquid is perspiration, or in common terms, sweat.

The human body is mostly water by weight.

Two osmosis examples in human body can be; 1) sweat and/or dehydration 2) liquid to urine

The human body is mostly made up of nonmetals.

the human body is made primarily of diploid cells

Yes. There is liquid in all parts of the human body. In the human head we have blood, cranial fluid in the cranium, vitreous humor in the eyes, and saliva in the mouth.

Custard - immediately after dinner! :-)

Organs in the human body are made of tissue. Tissue is made of a bunch of cells working together to do the same job.

The human body is mostly made of nonmetals.

Propofol is not a naturally occurring substance in the human body.

in the human body, it is the excretory system!

The human body itself is not one system, actually it is made up of 10 systems. So...the human body is NOT a system but is made up of many smaller systems.

It could effect the liquid inside us if there is not enough water in the human body.

70% of the human body is made up of water

The human body is made up of about 15 percent bone.

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