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because it is easy to access and cost less than other means of communication. i.e phone usage.

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How has internet improved communication?

The way Internet improved our communication is it allows us to talk and express ourselves in a different way.

What is needed for computers to communicate with each other?

Internet is needed for computers to communicate with each other.INTERNET - Is an electronic communications network that connects computers network worldwide.- the most popular modern communication tool.- is a giant network.Another AnswerAll that's needed for computers to communicate is a pair of wire connected to a communication port and software to drive some protocol. There are many ways for computers to communicate with each other. The Internet is "the most popular modern communication tool", but it is not the only way to transfer data.

Which method is most popular and effective way of communicating in the Internet?


Ways of communication?

Verbal conversation is one the most oldest forms of communication as well as gestures. There are several way to communicate now that we have more technology. The internet and cellphones have become the largest way to communicate by text.

What are three examples of communication technology?

Three examples of technology include the telephone, the television, and the Internet. The television is a one-way type of communication, but is a way to communicate to the masses. The Internet can be used for both two-way personal and one-way mass communication. The telephone is mostly for two-way, person to person communication, though conference calling and speaker phones allow communication with more people.

What do most people use for communication in Puerto Rico?

their voice, a telepnone, cell phone, mail, 2 way radios and the internet.

What are some mass communication technologies?

The internet, television, phones, radio.... Any type of communication that reaches numerous amounts of people in different locations. Internet and phones are two way communication, where as tv and radio would be one way communication (with the exception of hamm radio, walkie talkies, and radios of that sort.)

The most popular way to transfer files over the Internet is to use the?

File Transfer Protocol, also known as FTP.

What is the fastest way of communication?

Via any internet medium. Skype messaging, chatrooms, etc.

What was the most used way of communication in the 1900s?

The most used ways of communication were telephones, telegraphs, and letter writing.

Why were internment camps created in the United states?

internet was the latest way of communication at that time and nobody else had it . they used it for communication between military camps

Do you think that television exposure is the most important communication tool for a presidential candidate?

Yes. TV is now the most effective way to reach million and millions of people with the Internet fast becoming second.

How does one find information on the internet?

The easiest way to find information on the internet is to use a a site that finds it for you. The most popular sites are made by Google and Microsoft, although the former is likely better.

Why wordpress websites popular blog?

Wordpress websites are the most popular websites to blog on the internet because it gets more exposure. People who blog like for the public to read what they wrote thats why this way of blogging is popular.

What does the abbreviation BTW mean?

BTW is commonly used on the Internet and in modern communication. It is an abbreviation for the phrase "by the way".

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What are the most popular emoticons used on Facebook?

Emoticons are a fun way to express emotions and facial expressions on any internet messaging, including Facebook. The most popular ones include smiling and sad faces to express the feelings of the writer of the message.

What is formal communication systems?

Such communication in which record is save.... Every thing done in a proper is most important

What is the most common way to access the internet?

The most common way to access the Internet is using a computer that is either connected to the Internet by using a wireless router via WiFi or using an Ethernet cable.

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What is the most common way for a computer to get a virus?


The most popular way to transfer files over the Internet is to use the which can transfer files between two computers using the same or different operating systems?


What does the media include?

The media is anything that is a way of communication. This can include the internet, newspapers, radio, TV and magazines. I hope this was useful!

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the most popular way to say no to drugs is I'll be grounded for life.

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