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I can't speak for all species, but as a general rule, no.

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Is the lions mane jellyfish endangered or threatened?


Are jellyfish endangered or threatened?

No there are many jellyfish. And there are also many different types of jelly fish.

Is the man o war jellyfish a threatened species?


Why are marine turtles threatened?

they are threatened by pollution, if they see a plastic bag they are going to think it is a jellyfish and eat it and then choke on it.

Who are the compass jellyfish preadtors?

They do not have many predators. The only ones seaming to be other compass jellyfish, and human pollution. They are not endangered or threatened.

Is a jellyfish friendly?

Jellyfish are neither friendly or aggressive. They have no way to tell a friend from a predator, so they do not sting you on purpose unless they are box jellyfish, which feel threatened by human populations.

What bad things do jellyfish do?

welll one thing is that they sting you if they feel threatened

How does box jellyfish sting?

Through tis tentacles and perhaps a dye that is released when threatened.

What is a scientific name for jellyfish?

Name: JellyfishScientific name: Cnidaria Scyphozoa AureliaLocation: Along both coasts of North AmericaHabitat: Tropical to sub-polar latitudesStatus: Not threatenedDiet: Fish, marine invertebrates

What is the collective noun for jellyfish?

Collective nouns for jellyfish are:a bloom of jellyfish (When jellyfish are spawned from their polyps they form what is called a "bloom".)a brood of jellyfisha fluther of jellyfisha smack of jellyfisha smuck of jellyfisha smuth of jellyfisha stuck of jellyfisha swarm of jellyfishA fluther or a smuth of jellyfish.A group of jellyfish is called a smack of jellyfish.

Why do jellyfish sting people?

Usually the jellyfish stings a person when they accidentally get too close to it. The jellyfish sees them as a threat and tries to defend itself. They got no brain, so they can't even think what they are doing.Their sting is to protect themselves, and to stun food so they can eat it.They have no brain, so don't know a human from a goldfish. Humans just accidentally set off the jellyfishes' instinct to sting.Jellyfish will sting you if they feel threatened.

Is the box jellyfish a true jellyfish?

Yes, the box jellyfish IS a true jellyfish.

Where do the jellyfish live in SpongeBob?

The jellyfish live in jellyfish fields.

Where can you buy a jellyfish?

Yes, you can buy live jellyfish.Urban Jellyfish are UK specialists in live jellyfish, jellyfish aquariums and jellyfish equipment. Visit:

What are the different types of jellyfish?

There are over 1,500 different types of jellyfish. Some of the more common types of jellyfish are the box jellyfish, the lion's mane jellyfish, and the cannonball jellyfish. The moon jellyfish is the most common jellyfish to be kept in captivity.

What is the largest jellyfish?

The largest jellyfish is the giant jellyfish.

Where to purchase a jellyfish?

You can purchase jellyfish at Jellyfish Art. They ship tanks and jellyfish anywhere in the US.

Were can you buy jellyfish?

You can buy jellyfish at Jellyfish Art. They ship tanks and jellyfish anywhere in the US.

What is an adult jellyfish called?

An adult jellyfish is called a Jellyfish.

What are three sentences for the word jellyfish?

Jellyfish were one of the first creatures to exist on the planet.He was stung by a jellyfish on holiday.Some jellyfish are harmless.

What is the genus of a Immortal jellyfish and a Lion's Mane jellyfish?

Immortal Jellyfish: TurritopsisLion's Mane Jellyfish: Cyanea

Interesting jellyfish facts?

An interesting fact about jellyfish is that jellyfish do not have brains. Jellyfish can be transparent or brightly colored. A group of jellyfish is called a bloom or swarm.

What does a jellyfish not have?

A jellyfish is an invertebrate and as such, has no spine or bones. A jellyfish also has no brain.

What is the name for a group of jellyfish?

A group of jellyfish is known as a 'smack' of jellyfish.

Where can you buy real jellyfish?

You can buy jellyfish online at Jellyfish Art. They ship tanks and jellyfish anywhere in the US.