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AnswerYes, mine is. I have a 94 escort gt, and only have one type of key.

-However, I have a 1990 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer, and I have two keys which will only open and lock the doors, and two keys that will only operate the ignition.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-28 16:28:11
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Q: Is the key that works the door locks the same key that will work the ignition switch?
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Can you put a new ignition switch and door locks on your 1998 expedition?


When is graphite used as a lubricant?

Graphite works well in lubricating key operated locks such as, pad locks, door locks and ignition locks.

Is the door and ignition locks the same?

Yes it is the same.

1995 Nissan door locks and security system malfunctioning?

I have a 2001 Nissan quest,recently my door locks are malfunction,when I pull the door in it locks,when key in ignition it locks,what cause this problem?

When I put my key in the ignition of my 1995 Subaru Legacy it won't turn over. The key works on all of the other locks.?

AnswerIf the key will rotate in the door locks, but not in the ignition switch then the key is not going in all the way due to debris in there, the steering wheel lock is binding the ignition lock (fix by rocking wheel back and forth while turning key) or mechanical failure of lock internals.

Does a 1967 Chevrolet Nova use the same key for all locks and the ignition?

No, door locks & trunk-one key; Ignition- different key; I know-I have one

How to fix power door lock?

2001 GMC Serria, power door locks.Driver side works perfect.Passager side does not.Pushing switch either side locks driver door but not passenger door.What is wrong

How can you bypass ignition switch and ad your push button switch for ignition on 1987S-10 4by4 2 door blazer?


How do you stop the automatic door locks from going off and on?

It depends on which vehicle you are speaking of. There are usually specific instructions in your owners manual for this. It usually involves using the ignition switch and your remote.

How do you reset backdoor locks on a 1993 Mercury sable?

There is no "master" reset button for door locks. If they are not working, there is a problem either at: # The individual door lock actuator inside the door # A problem with the switche(s) - the main switch on the driver's door handle, or the switch on the individual door.

When pressing the door locks switch button on drivers side door it buzzes?

go back to the dealer

How do get the automatic locks in a 1997 Dodge Intrepid to turn off?

The Automatic Door Locks can be enabled or disabled by performing the following procedure: # Close all doors and place key in the ignition. # Cycle the ignition switch On and Off 4 times ending up in the Off position. # Depress the power lock switch. # A single chime will indicate the completion of the programing.

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