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Is the Lavender Town Syndrome real?


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No, Lavender Town Syndrome is not real. It is just an urban legend.

The legend goes that the pitch of the original Lavender Town theme song causes headaches, mental disturbance, and suicide in children. This is a sample of the urban legend:

Lavender Town Syndrome (LTS) is in fact an actual psychological effect caused layered tones within the Lavender Town theme of the first version of Red and Green that was released in Japan. The theme was dithered slightly for the American release.

The multi-tonal sounds from the Lavender Town theme, is actually two layered MIDI sequence tracks. One for the left and the right ear. The tones in the song alternate through sub-sonic, sonic, and super-sonic frequencies. People of different age groups can hear them. Most commonly only those ages 7-12 are affected by the syndrome. It can cause migraine like headaches in children. Which by the way would be difficult for them to handle. Making them stumble, bang their head etc... but because they are children, they kept playing the game. Effectually, it led to 4 deaths in children wearing headphones for an extended period of time (Hours). These deaths were caused by brain swelling, a heart attack, and two pain induced suicides. Quick action by Nintendo Corp. and Game Freak got the product recalled within hours of the news. They dithered the track making it single toned. The problems caused by an unexpected physiological effect have not occurred since. Although it is true that the theme song was changed between the Japanese and American release, it was not because of mental disturbance or headaches, and no one can get sick or die because of hearing music in a Pokemon game.


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