Is the lender required by law to notify you of the date and place of a private sale or auction in Arizona?

Arizona TITLE STATE: Yes SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title, title mailed to debtor, lien-holder record mailed to lien-holder. LICENSE REGISTRATION: The Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division, 1801 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. Tel:(602)255-7011. RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR LIQUIDATION: Arizona Lien-holder record or out-of-state title, AZ MVD "Affidavit of Repossession/Bill of Sale" form and vehicle inspection if vehicle not previously registered in Arizona. PLATES: As of 01/01/02 - plates now belong to the registered owner of the vehicle. They remain with the debtor. 47-9609. Secured party's right to take possession after default A. After default, a secured party: 1. May take possession of the collateral; and 2. Without removal, may render equipment unusable and dispose of collateral on a debtor's premises under section 47-9610. B. A secured party may proceed under subsection A of this section: 1. Pursuant to judicial process; or 2. Without judicial process, if it proceeds without breach of the peace. C. If so agreed, and in any event after default, a secured party may require the debtor to assemble the collateral and make it available to the secured party at a place to be designated by the secured party that is reasonably convenient to both parties.