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Is the lion the strongest cat?

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No. Tigers are the strongest cat, not Lions.

Tigers are the largest and strongest member of the four big cats including Lions, Jaguars, Leopards(Panthers).

Measuring the strength compared to the size, Jaguar is the strongest cat according to pound for pound.

Tigers body construction is more same to Jaguar's body than Lions.

Tigers are more powerful than lion even they are in same size.

But Tigers are heavier than Lions and much heavier than Jaguars.

So it is clear that Tiger is the strongest cat.

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What is the strongest breed of cat?

The strongest breed of cat is the lion or tiger

Is the lion the strongest big cat?

no, the tiger is the strongest

Is the jaguar the strongest cat?

The jaguar is the strongest cat for its size, but because the tiger and lion are larger, they stronger overall.

Is a puma the strongest cat in the us?

it is the mountain lion

What is sepecial about lion in terms of what lion can do?

A lion is the only cat ever to posses a tuft on the end of the tail and the strongest cat and they are the only ones with manes

What is the strongest cat?

most people think its lion but in fact its a tiger it weigh more and is strongerThe tiger is the world's strongest cat.

What is the world's strongest wild cat?

Tiger is the largest and strongest cat, not a lion.It is widely claimed that the strongest of the wild cats is actually the jaguar. This i believe is because it is known to have the strongest jaws and highest muscle density.Jaguar is the strongest cat compared to its size. But overall, The largest cat is the Tiger. So Tiger is the Strongest Cat because of the advantage of their size.

The biggest and strongest big cat?

it is the tiger it can lift 1200 pounds No it is the LIGER accually (mix of lion and tiger). That happens when a lion and tiger mate.

What type of cat is strongest?

the strongest kind of cat is probally a tiger cat, you may think it's lion but its not because when it comes to fighting and muscles tigers are stronger. YOUR ARNSER IS a tiger

Who is the strongest cat?

"The tiger" is the most powerful cat, not a lion.The Tiger is more stronger than LionJaguar is the most powerful cat compared to its size (Pound for Pound).Measuring the strength pound to pound, 1.Jaguar 2. Tiger 3. Lion......Tiger's body construction is more same to the Jaguar's body.Tiger is the largest cat and hence Tiger is the Strongest cat.

What is the strongest cat in the cat family?

Most people think the lion, but in fact it is the tiger which weighs more and is stronger. -- actually, the tiger would be the strongest "cat" you find in the wild. Otherwise, tiglons (hybrid, tiger with lioness) are bigger...and ligers (hybrid, lion with tigeress) even more!!

Do lions eat komodo dragons?

no but lions are strongest big cat Lions and other big cats are not found where the Komodo dragon lives, and, the tiger, not the lion, is the strongest big cat.

What is the strongest lion in the world?

The strongest lion in the world are African lions

Is an African lion the strongest lion?

african lions are the strongest lions in the world

Who is the strongest out of lion and tiger?


Who is stronger a lion or a leopard?

Lions are larger and stronger than leopards, but pound for pound, leopards are the strongest cat.

Who is stronger a lion or a cat?

A lion is a cat

Who is the strongest animal lion or tiger?

The strongest animal is the Tiger out of the lion. 100% positive sure!

Is the lion the strongest animal?

No. Many animals are stronger than lions. Buffalo, elephants, hippos and rhinos for example. Lions are not even the strongest cat. Tigers are more powerful.

What is the strongest animals that still living?

the lion is the strongest

Where is a lion on a foodchain?

The lion is the top of the foodchain because the lion is the 2 strongest cat after the tiger the lion is strong and powerful the lion is the 1st of the foodchain the lion will fight all comers that earn him the title king of beast the lion paw swipe is very strong the lion can banlace his self the lion can fight with 2 hand or 1 the lion is very strong a lion can fight any cat that changlle him the lion is e king of the jungle to the lion can take down a fully grown elephant a lion can kill a crocodile and bufflo or wildbeast the lion is the top cat so the tiger is bigger then the lion but some lion is bigger then some tiger the lion and tiger are the 2 top cat the lion mane prtocet him if he's in a fight the lion is the top of the foodchain

What is the strongest lion that ever lived?

African Lion

What was the most powerfull big cat of all times?

Tiger is the strongest not the lion or cheetah tiger is the most powerful and is very loving

Which is the strongest big cat or wild cet?

The tiger is the strongest big cat.

What is the strongest cat in America?

The jaguar is the strongest cat in the Americas followed by the cougar.

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