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Q: Is the locorice fern grow annually?
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What structure do fern roots grow from?

The structure that fern roots grow from are rhizomes.

How high does a fern grow?

The tree fern will grow up to 12 meters high

Where does the ostrich fern grow?

from the sea

What does a fern grow from?

other ferns

Do peanuts grow on fern trees?

no. they grow in the ground like potatoes.

Where does the fern grow in Where the Red Fern Grows?

Between Old Dan and Little Ann's graves.

What does the red fern grow?

Where does the red fern grow- In the book Where The Red fern Grows the red fern grows between Old Dan and Little Ann's grave. The red fern's story is about a little Indian boy and girl getting lost in the words and then a snow storm comes and they freeze to death. This story can be found in the book Where The Red Fern Grows. What does the red fern grow- The red fern "grows" love and turns into a beatuful flower.

Does the Boston fern grow in any specific country or area?

yes it the boston fern does grow in specific country or area but i forgot where it l grows though.

Where does a silver fern grow?

the silver fern or ponga live in new zealand shane

Fronds grow from what fern structures?


Where in the world does the red fern grow?


Does a fern grow from a spore or seed?

a spore

How do maidenhair fern reproduce?

The Maidenhair fern reproduces using germ cells called spores. The spores grow into small roots and then grow to be MaidenHair ferns.

What is the most interesting fact about the silver fern?

The silver fern can grow to more than 30 feet tall.

Where did Billy grow up in where the red fern grow?

Billy had grown up in the Ozarks.

Does the rhizome of a fern grow vertically or horizontally?


Where do bird nest fern grow on?

It grows on trees

What plants grow in a ravine?

Several types of fern.

What is the difference between the tree fern and the mushroom?

the tree fern has leaves while the mushroom doesn't have leaves or the tree fern needs sunlight to grow while the mushroom doesn't.

How do ferns grow on trees?

Spores from adult fern plants get carried in the in the wind and grow on trees.

What is the major difference between a conifer and a fern?

The conifer is a vascular plant and a fern is not. Also conifers grow cones not flowes or other seeding elements

What do you call when a seedlike object falls from a fern and will grow into a fern?


What is the dispersal method for bird's nest fern?

The dispersal method for bird's nest fern is either by wind, animals, or grow where they fall.

Where do fern eggs grow?

On walls and trees and where there is moister in the soil.

Which plant produces spores that grow into a new plant?