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My fuel pump is very loud. I'm told it is aftermarket but it is fine.

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Why is a whining noise coming from under the 02 silverado bed while its running?

it is the fuel pump because it is located in gas tank normal sound

Why does your Honda Civic make a whining noise when backing up?

This is normal.

If I leave my Humming Bird Feeder for a few days will the Humming Birds die?

its wether you leave it on its normal temperature , water and food

The fuel pump is humming all the time?

As long as the engine is running, this is normal.

Why is there a humming sound on your Blu-ray player?

Since Blu-Rays take a while to load the disc, there will be sounds such as humming and even sometimes some clicking, but these are perfectly normal

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What is the humming noise on drivers side of a 99 Chevy s10?

You are probably hearing the fuel pump, this is normal.

Why would your car make a whining noise when it's going in reverse?

this is normal and nothing to worry about. Almost all vehicles make a whining noise in reverse Ford Mondeo's sound the same reversing as they do going forwards no whining also VW Passatt i think the Golf's are the same also maybe modern technology has improved this. probably bad enough listening to your wife whining you can do without your car doing it.

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my guinea pig has white stuff coming out of her nose is this normal?

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No. As the "Related links" explain below, it is normal when you are using copious amounts of electricity.

Is it normal to hear a whining noise when you start your new beetle up?

No because either you need a oil change or your car is not working right

1998 mini van mercury villiager humming from rear same as fuel pump constant while engine is running normal for this vechile or pump replacement soon?

If the noise is coming from the fuel tank, I would say the pump is wearing out and you should budget for its replacement.

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İts normal buddy but i prefer to put some thing under the ps3 to let it breath

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The prices of a used Nissan Micra varies greatly. The normal cost of a used Nissan Micra can be anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. The condition and year of the Nissan Micra will determine the cost.

You have water coming out of your tailpipe but it only happens when it is cold is that normal?

Very normal. It is condensation. Very normal. It is condensation.

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Children need have teeth be normal. He teeth be normal!

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Cars.... Normal cars like Nissan and Toyota...

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How many lugnuts are on a Nissan Altima?

5, 4 normal one and 1 lock.

Whining noise when excelerating grand prix gtp?

This car is equipped with a Supercharger. All superchargers whine. This is normal and is inherently something you live with when you drive a car equipped with a supercharger.

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the white stuff is the vaginal discharge which is normal and is a sign of ovulation

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its normal to all human