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Is the main reason for your amine to be loaded up with H2S Co2 the low temperature or is it that the percentage of amine is higher then normal 50 50?

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2011-09-13 05:30:33

To me both reason can incresed acid gas loading in lean


1.When lean amine temperature is low then then amine absorb more

quantity of H2S,CO2 which result high acid gas loading in lean


2.When amine solution concentration is hiegher than 50/50 then

slow absorption of CO2 but H2S absorption incresed which result

high acis gas loading in lean amine.

Note: Lean amne temperature is the main thing to increase acid

gas loading.

Jan Muhammad

My take is that if your amine titration is higher than 50%, and

are having trouble with loadings, then you are probably running out

of regeneration (still/reboiler). It is critical to maintain a good

overhead temperature and reboiler temperature so that the amine can

be regenerated. Proper titration and lean amine temps tie back into


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