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pumpkins are asexual.

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Is budding a method of asexual reproduction?

Yes, Budding is a method of asexual reproduction.

Is ginger reproduction asexual?

Yes. the reproduction method of ginger is asexual.

Asexual method of reproduction in yeasts?

type of reproduction

What is the method of reproduction called in yeasts?

asexual reproduction

What is a sentence using the term asexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction is the most common method of reproduction among bacteria.

Which is not a method of asexual reproduction?


What is the reproduction method for green Chile?

the method of reproduction of green chilli is asexual reproduction as it does not require a partner for its fertilisation.....

What method of corn in asexual reproduction?


What is the difference in the method of reproduction in amoeba and yeast?

The difference in the method of reproduction amoeba and yeast, is that whereas the method of reproduction in Amoeba is binary fission, the method of reproduction in yeast is budding. The type of reproduction is called asexual reproduction.

Is mitosis a form of asexual reproduction method?


What asexual method of reproduction is used by bacteria?


Is reproduction a sexual or asexual method?

Depends. for cells, its asexual. for multicellular organisms its sexual

What method of asexual reproduction involves a growth forming on the parent organism?

Budding is the method of asexual reproduction in which a bud forms on the parent plant and gets detached when it is fully grown.

What methods of reproduction are used by protists?

Asexual reproduction is the most commonly used method

Both bacteria and yeast reproduce by asexual method but how does this method differ in them?

reproduction in bacteria is only asexual by means of fission or fusion

What organism produces by binary fission but not mitosis?

Binary fission is asexual method of reproduction. Some fungi and protists and many bacteria do that

What method of reproduction does a flower use?

A Flower uses asexual and sexual reproduction the type of asexual reproduction would be Parthenogenesis. and the method of fertilazation is internal reproduction (: and your very whalecum <33 goodbye and hopefully you get it right because i know its right (; Im in my science class bhaha

Asexual reproduction is represented by?

The method of reproducing offspring by only one parent is called asexual reproduction. All of the genetic information comes from a single organism. This is represented by vegetable and plant reproduction.

Is sporulation a form of asexual reproduction?

Not necessarily. It's a mechanism to increase the longevity of the "seed" produced. The method of reproduction (asexual or sexual) on the normal reproductive cycle of the species.

What is the criteria for fungi?

Fungi are classified by their method of reproduction (both sexual and asexual).

What are two principle method of reproduction?

asexual (the organism clones itself) and sexual.

What is the method of reproduction of mollusks?

Depends on the mollusk. Most use sexual but some snails are hermaphrodites and can perform asexual reproduction.

What form of asexual reproduction?

Bacteria divide asexually in a method called binary fission.

Asexual reproduction of hydra?

yes, hydas reproduce asexually by a method called "budding"

Which asexual reproduction method involves the splitting of an organism into 2 halves?

binary fission