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Is the mistery events club is true?

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Unlike the former Pokemon games Mystery Gift is used for NoA Events only. NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event This is currently the only known reason for Mystery Gift.

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Are there more Nintendo wii mistery gifts?

no theres only platinum events sorry.

What is the mistery gift?

Mystery Gift is the used only for getting special tickets or items at Nintendo events.

Where is mistery box on Pokemon emerald?

don't know is a mistery

Is mistery a genre?

it is spelled Mystery not misteryyes it is genre

How do you know when are the events in Club Penguin?

You have to read the newspaper, the section called 'events' and they will tell you the upcoming events in club penguin.

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Can you get mew with mistery gift?

== == no

Times for mistery gifts in platinum?

Best source for Event info or upcoming events would be (no i am not trying to advertise serebii's site, but its just a refferal.)

How you get the mistery gift?

it comes naturally.

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How do you get to past events on Club Penguin?

you probably can

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The correct spelling is "mystery"

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Are the events in pearl harbor movie true?

If this is Tora Tora Tora one would assume that most of the events are true.

When are famous penguins going to visit Club Penguin?

Famous club penguin characters visit club penguin on special events

How do you get the mistery gift on Pokemon diamond?

You need a wii

How doyou get the asure flute?

u get it by mistery gift

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